9.111 Trojan mouse ‘medication to meditation’ confirmed at recent NHS conferences               2.12.16

Recovery plan solution for Brighton and Hove HWB and CCG. By John Kapp, 22 Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE,, 01273 417997., and papers in section 9 of

1 Summary conclusion and recommendation.

2 Roadmap to sustainable healthcare. Going beyond medicine.

College of Medicine, Tuesday 29.11.16, at Kings Fund, attended by 230 people.

3 Health creation, community by community, action summit, New NHS Alliance,
Thursday 1.12.16 at Kings Fund, attended by 150 people.

Appendix 1 Manifesto for health creation in a sustainable NHS 1.12.16
By John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE

Appendix 2, Realising the Value consortium report.
by Anu Singh Director of Patient and Public Participation and Insight, NHS England

Appendix 3 Wisdom, vision and courage are needed to develop people and improve care. The new national framework for improvement and leadership
by Michael West, Kings Fund. 2.12.16

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