9.117 Business case for a pilot trial Community Care Centre at 86, Church Rd Hove               4.5.17

by John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE 01273 417997,

For SECTCo (, and Vanguard ( 4.5.17

1 Summary
This document sets out the business case for a negotiated contract between Vanguard (see annex 3 and 4) hereafter called ‘the provider’, and cluster 6 of GP surgeries in West Hove (hereafter called ‘the Cluster’) for a pilot trial of social prescribing (see annex 1) at a ‘Community Care Centre (CCC) in Essence, 86, Church Rd, Hove (hereafter called ‘the centre’) for one year, from a commencement date of say 1.8.17 to 1.8.18, (paragraph 13) and thereafter, if judged successful by the cluster, continued indefinitely until amended by agreement of the parties.

2 Terms of the Contract
This pilot trial is intended to treat 300 vulnerable patients annually for a nominal annual contract price of £300,000. The provider offers to treat all patients, including children, (provided that those under the age of 13 shall be accompanied by a parent or guardian), referred to them by the cluster practices, by prescription voucher, (see annex 2)

3 Successful completion of the programme
The client has attended the programme for 5 out of the 10 days, and has signed the prescription voucher to say that the intervention was satisfactory, and that they would recommend it to their friends and family.

4 Terms of payment for the programme
The Cluster agrees to pay the provider £1,000 for every satisfactory completed course in arrears, within 1 month of the presentation of the signed voucher to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

5 Cluster 6
Cluster 6 consists of 6 GP surgeries with about 45,000 patients, and 25 GPs.

6 The venue for the intervention (Essence, opposite Hove town hall)
The Community Care Centre would be located in rooms rented from Essence by the provider to meet the requirements of the pilot trial.

7 The proposed psycho education programme
The purpose of the programme is to help clients to detoxify from addiction, by giving them an alternative structure to their days, namely meeting with others to learn to meditate, and how to look after themselves better so they need less public services.

8 How many MBCT courses would be needed to treat 300 clients annually?
To treat 300 clients who satisfactorily complete a MBCT 10 week course we need about 500 referrals from the cluster

9 Prospective funding from Locally Commissioned Services, (LCS)
It is proposed to seek funding from the CCG’s LCS fund which is £2.3 mpa.

10 Management of the service
The draft constitution of the Vanguard is shown on annex 5.

11 Proposed staffing levels
We intend to rent a dedicated room in Essence for use as an office from which this contract will be administered. We envisage employing 12 staff.

12 Outcomes of this proposal
This project would implement the key outcomes of better health and wellbeing for vulnerable patients.

13 Proposed time frame

14 Evaluation of this pilot trial.
This pilot shall be evaluated by a third party so that the efficacy of the intervention can be measured, and reported on at the end of the year.

15 Conclusion
Vanguard are ready and willing to meet with representatives of the clusters to discuss this proposal at your convenience.

Annex 1 Social prescribing.


Annex 3 What is Vanguard and who are the directors?

Annex 4 Draft constitution of the Vanguard Group (Brighton and Hove) 17.4.17

Annex 5 Typical day at maximum capacity

Annex 6 Sign posting to other socially prescribed interventions

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