9.119 Business case for Brighton Vanguard scheme               6.7.17

Paper for HWB, CCG and Brighton Vanguard group.
By John Kapp 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE, 01273 417997,,
references thus (9.81) are to papers on section 9 of, and

1 Summary of what we are offering under this business plan

This paper confirms the proposal that I made verbally at the Big Conversation event at Brighton Dome on 4.7.17 to Dr David Supple (chairman of the Clinical Commissioning group, CCG) and his staff and others, and amplify the leaflet that I distributed at that event (see Appendix 1). It is for the City of Brighton and Hove to become the 51st Vanguard site in England, by commissioning a pilot trial of at least one Community Care Centre in the city.
The business case for this is set out in 9.117 Business case for a pilot trial Community Care Centre at 86, Church Rd Hove
(opposite Hove town hall, now called ‘Essence’)

Summarising, we (the Brighton Vanguard group, which is seeking a licence as a potential Multispecialist Community Provider – MCP) offer to treat about 100 vulnerable patients (including addicts and homeless) annually on GP prescription voucher with an evidence-based intervention for one day per week for 10 weeks at a tariff price of £3,000 per satisfied client, so the cost would be £300,000 pa, for which we would employ open book accounting, to protect the taxpayer.

This paper is also a draft business plan for those people already in our Vanguard group, (and others who might join us) to prepare for the negotiation to be awarded this pilot trial. As described in paper 9.117, we would rent an office and group rooms in Essence, and employ about 12 staff, as follows: 1 manager, 1 deputy manager (who would be mentor advisors), 2 MBCT facilitators, 2 assistant MBCT facilitators, 1 mentor co-ordinator, 1 assistant mentor coordinator, 1 receptionist, 1 deputy receptionist, 1 administrator and 1 deputy administrator. They would coordinate the work of many volunteers, and each work an average of 30 hours per week, 49 weeks pa, total 18,000 hpa, for £300,000, at an average rate of pay of £17 per hour. We would recruit this staff mainly from the people that Vanguard and SECTCo ( have trained. Please note that this summary has changed some aspects of papers 9.116 and 9.117, to double the spend per client treated, and halve the number treated, to allow for the high cost of peer support mentoring.

2 Recommendations

3 What are the existing 50 Vanguard sites?

4 What is a Multi-specialist Community Provider (MCP)?

5 Why should Brighton Vanguard be any better than the other 50 Vanguards?

6 Better Care Fund

7 Context of this proposal and business plan

8 Assumptions behind this business plan

9 What is the Brighton Vanguard Group?

10 What effective treatments do the NHS presently prescribe for addicts?

11 What about the Council policy of ending the need for rough sleeping by 2020?

12 Why haven’t the CCG treated addicts?

13 Why haven’t the HWB enforced that the NHS treat addicts?

14 What are the opportunities for Vanguard to get contracts to help vulnerable citizens?

15 What have you and SECTCo achieved to date?

16 Does SECTCo’s intervention work for addicts?

17 Has the NHS (CCG) accepted my proposals?

18 What outcome did you get from this meeting?

19 What belief systems underlie these issues?

20 What about ‘evidence-based medicine’?

21 What about the politics of health?

22 What about the politics of homelessness?

23 How much is the health and social care budget in our city?

24 Who control the health and social care budgets?

25 How can we influence the HWB to treat addicts?

26 Who are the most important councillors for Vanguard to lobby?

27 What line should the Vanguard members take with councillors?

28 How do you see our campaign developing?

29 Vanguard’s strengths as potential providers of services to vulnerable clients

30 Vanguard’s weaknesses as potential providers of services to vulnerable clients

31 How can we overcome our weaknesses?

32 Why haven’t complementary therapists and third sector (non-profit) organisation formed federal (umbrella) bodies like Vanguard before to bid for NHS contracts?

33 How can we overcome our weaknesses?

34 Vanguard’s opportunities as potential providers of services to vulnerable clients

35 Vanguards threats as potential providers of services to vulnerable clients

36 What is Vanguard’s vision?

37 Vanguard vision part 1: Housing.

38 Vanguard vision part 2: Community Care Centres

39 Vanguard vision part 3: Programme of psycho education and healing interventions

40 Vanguard vision part 4: Peer support buddies

41 Vanguard vision part 5: Provision of healthy food for all

42 Vanguard vision part 6: Provision of employment to teach the work ethic

43 How would providers (such as Vangard) be paid for their services?

44 Typical maximum capacity day at a Community Care Centre (CCC) with café

45 Summary of the activity that day

46 Sign posting to other socially prescribed interventions

47 What is a typical day at a big Community Home Centre (CHC) with about 30 beds?

48 How many staff would a big CHC with 30 beds need?

49 What would be the annual cost of a big CHC of 30 beds?

50 What would be the cost per rough sleeper accommodated?

51 What would the tariff rates to licencees who provide this CHC service?

52 What would the tariff price be for hot meals?

53 What would the tariff price be per bed night on the Social Prescription Voucher Accommodation (SPVA)?

54 What is the existing equivalent to Brighton Vanguard?

55 Conclusion

Appendix 1 Leaflet distributed at the Big Conversation event on Tues 4.7.17

Appendix 2 Correspondence following that event on 4.7.17.

Appendix 3 Comparison taken from Change Grow Live website

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