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Paper for SMN conference ‘Shaping influences: fields, architypes and living systems’ in Krakow on 9.9.17
By John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE, 01273 417997,,


Part 1 Synopsis

Part 2 The problem of organisation and control of living particles (diathesis) Part 3 How fields transmit in-formation, and how they can in-form material structures.

Part 4 Hypothesis of how the A field and cosmic internet create life and the universe

Part 5 Conclusions – consequences if mainstream science accepted this hypothesis

6 Recommendations to mainstream science to adopt this hypothesis


Appendix 1 Quotes as evidence confirming this hypothesis p10

Appendix 2 Definitions of words used by Laszlo (Laszlo 2007) p 16


Appendix 4 Definitions of particles (from Wikipedia) p 21

Part 1 Synopsis

1.1 This paper addresses a fundamental question which has exercised innumerable mystics and scientists down the ages, and still does: how the matter in living organisms is organised and controlled. Mainstream science either ignores this problem, or explains it away as superstition. The founders of the SMN did not accept this blinkered view, and have given a platform to anyone to wants to discuss it, as we are doing now.

1.2 I gave a paper in Rome last year (29.9.16) titled: ‘Could psi effects and astrology be caused by an A field?’, published as 9.108 on I proposed the hypothesis that an A (Akashic) field exists, which creates a cosmic internet, that empowers life and consciousness to develop, and by which we can send a mails. In this paper I flesh out this hypothesis, giving evidence for it, and developing the mechanism by which it might work to answer the fundamental question of how living matter is organised and controlled.

   1.3 The A field was postulated by Ervin Laszlo in his book in 2007: ‘Science and the Akashic field; An integral theory of everything’. The term ‘A field’ includes a nested hierarchy of fields, which include Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogenetic and morphic fields. However they are undetectable by any man made measuring device, so mainstream science rejects them as superstition. However, we all know from our own experience that something that we call life force, spirit, chi, prana, etc makes us feel alive, and A fields are the best explanation suggested to date.

1.4 In the discussion, Eve Hicks asked: ‘what is a field’, which led to fields being included in the title of this year’s conference. I will therefore start by going back to the basics of how fields transmit information from a sender to a receiver. However, the messages are not just noise, but Bohm showed that they include ‘in-formation’ which in-forms and continuously creates the matter in the whole universe, perhaps like a 3 D printer.

1.5 Many open minded scientists now believe in the view of religions that everything in the universe is intrinsically ‘alive’ with electro magnetic vibrating energy at various frequencies, spinning, and carrying charges positive or negative, which attract or repel other particles, so naturally form ordered latticed structures like crystals. I postulate that these attractions and repulsions make them intrinsically ‘conscious’ of each other, in ‘love’ or ‘hate’ relationship, which is the mechanism of consciousness at the primary level of sub atomic particles (quanta).

1.6 We humans have learned how to make and use mobile devices to communicate and surf the internet. They work by transmitting information wirelessly using Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) and discriminate to who can receive them by tuning them to the right resonant frequency. I postulate that A fields and the cosmic internet can similarly connect every particle that tunes to the right resonant frequency to receive and send in-formation, which gives us life. However, only living organisms can receive them, and not by man made devices, so the A field must use different technology to EMFs (frequencies, modulation, etc).

1.7 The SMN was founded to give a platform for scientific enquiry of how non material influences work including intuition, telepathy, synchronicity, remote viewing, channelling, family constellations and astrology. I postulate that the A field and cosmic internet provides a natural, physical explanation for them all. I hope that you will understand and accept it, and join my campaign for mainstream science to integrate it with established disciplines, and publicly fund the proper study of it.

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