9.125 How General Practice can be restored to an honourable profession.               18.12.17

Paper for GPs, practices, CCGs and HWBs
By John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE, 01273 417997, Papers referenced thus (9.112) are published on

1 Summary conclusion - GPs are in such short supply that they can set their own terms. The bad news is that GPs are leaving the NHS in droves, we in England are already more than 3,000 short, and nobody wants to replace them (9.123) The government is desperately trying to fill the vacancies by poaching foreign doctors with £40k sweeteners which is unethical and patients prefer them to be English. A better strategy would be to find the root cause why GPs are leaving, and change their conditions of employment so that they want to work out a full term career.

2 Recommendations for the retention and recruitment of GPs to solve the crisis in primary care.

3 Why hasn’t the Health and Social Care Act 2012 yet liberated GPs?

4 Why Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) hasn’t yet worked.

5 Why CBT doesn’t work.

6 Clinical commissioning of effective (drug free) treatments has not yet happened.

7 How and why clinical commissioning is failing.

8 How patients, GPs and taxpayers are suffering from this failure of the feedback loop.

9 How depression has become an epidemic.

Part 2 The good news. What can be done to solve the crisis in primary care?

10 GP surgeries can revise their terms and conditions to ensure a happy full term career.

11 GPs have the statutory power to commission NICE recommended talking therapies, and decommission drugs.

12 Pharmacies could become Community Care Centres.

13 CCG leaders should cultivate a new attitude (what Jeremy Hunt calls a ‘culture shift’).

14 Conclusion – GPs have the power to create a new reality for themselves and their patients.

Appendix 1 Paper that I distributed at the 'Innovations in primary care' conference in London on 22.11.17.  

Potential cure for the epidemic of mental sickness and a solution to the crisis in primary care.

Appendix 2 Aunty Janet, my role model GP with independent spirit.

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