9.126 Brexit v dogma of EUism               20.12.17

Review of book: ‘Brexit. How the nobodies beat the somebodies’ by Sebastian Handley, ISBN 978-1-9997156-9-4, published by i2i publishing Manchester ( 160 pages. By John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE 01273 417997.

This is an important history book in which Seb vividly records his emotions and comments on social media as the events of the referendum campaign unfolded. I pay tribute to Seb for his contribution, and was privileged to meet him, as he mentions on pages 48, 53, 60, 63, 68, 83, and 148. I summarise below the most important lessons that the world (such as Catalunya) needs to learn about how to govern sustainably, in Seb’s own graphic words.

The hysterical backlash against the result shows that the EU had become a religious dogma.

Betrayal by Obama.

The hypocrisy that ignored the actual votes cast.

The petition for a second referendum.

The EU bribed us with £350 million per week of our own money to be their vassal state.

Neoliberal tyranny masquerading as a friend of workers and the environment.

What went right with the Remain campaign?

What did the EU get wrong?

How the EU is destroying Europe economically because independent countries perform better.

Conclusion - the economic outlook is now brighter for both UK and Continental Europe.

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