9.131 Proposal for a pilot trial of Alpha-Stim for better mental health               23.7.18

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By John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE 01273 417997, References thus (9.75) are to papers on

1 Summary

Alpha-Stim is an American non-drug treatment for anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain management in a portable medical device the size of a mobile phone, used worldwide by physicians, healthcare professionals, and more than 100 American Veterans Affairs and Military Centers.

2 What is the object of this pilot trial?

3 How do I apply to participate in this trial?

4 How do I use Alpha-Stim during the trial?

5 What is Alpha-Stim?

6 Could Alpha-Stim reduce the epidemic of depression?

7 Has Alpha-Stim been trialed in England?

8 What are the preliminary results from the Leicestershire study?

9 What conclusions do you draw from these preliminary results?

10 What was the cost per patient of Alpha-Stim?

11 Could Alpha-Stim be just placebo effect?

12 Could antidepressants be no better than street drugs such as alcohol?

13 BBC 1 TV documentary ‘The doctor who gave up drugs’

14 Have you tried Alpha-Stim on yourself and others?

15 Can Alpha-Stim fill the gap in interventions to reconnect frontal lobes without side effects?

16 What would be the aim of a full study of Alpha-Stim?

17 How would trialists in a full study be grouped?

18 How would the full study be conducted?

19 What would be the criteria of success?

20 What would the cost of this full trial be, and who would pay?

21 Is talking therapy clinically appropriate?

22 Did the Leicester study fill this gap?

23 What is meant by a cure?

24 Conclusion

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