9.133 Offer of subsidised NICE-recommended Mindfulness Plus courses to patients and staff of GP surgeries in Hove by SECTCo               2.8.18

Paper for GP surgeries in Hove
by John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE,, 01273 417997, founder and secretary of SECTCo
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1 What is SETCo?

I was inspired in 2006 by the Prince of Wales calling on the health ministers of the world to ‘integrate the best of complementary therapy into their public healthcare systems, and in 2010 by the Cameron government’s white paper ‘Liberating the NHS’ which pledged to open up the NHS market to ‘Any Willing Provider’. Hoping to become one, in 2010, I formed the Social Enterprise Complementary Therapy Company (, whose mission is ‘medication to meditation’, and our strap line is: ‘give a man a pill, and you mask his symptoms for a day. Teach him meditation, and he can heal his life’.

2 Has SECTCo had any public sector contracts?

3 What is the Mindfulness Plus intervention?

4 How many Mindfulness Plus courses has SECTCo run?

5 What is the evidence that mindfulness works?

6 What is the cost of providing the Mindfulness Plus intervention?

7 Who can teach the Mindfulness Plus intervention?

8 Summary of this offer

9 What does SECTCo want in return?

10 Why are you doing this?

11 Why is there a GP recruitment and retention crisis?

12 What about the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme?

13 Inspirational model from Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre (BHWC)

14 Where does SECTCo’s charitable funding come from?

15 Free clinical trial of Family Constellation Group Therapy (FCGT)

16 Free clinical trial of Alpha-stim

17 How would this arrangement work between your surgery and SECTCo?

18 Conclusion: Please take up this offer.

Appendix What is HERA?

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