9.137 How Councillors Can End the Prozac city               29.1.19

Paper for Health and Wellbeing Board, Brighton and Hove City Council by John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd, Hove BN3 4LE,, phone 01273 417997 01273 417997 section 9 of

1 Support the proposal

2 Why are Community Care Centres (CCCs) needed?

3 Community Care Centres

4 Prototype Community Care Centre

5 Better Care Fund (BCF)

6 NHS 10 year long term plan

7 ‘GPs to be given 1,000 staff to tackle loneliness and mental illness’

8 Each CCC should be a mental A&E primary care facility

9 How much would a CCC cost?

10 How would CCCs be staffed?

11 How would the new social prescription voucher system work?

12 What would be the outcome of say 6 of these CCCs in the city by 2022?

13 Why haven’t any CCCs been created in the city before?

14 Conclusions

15 Recommendations to councillors on the HWB

Appendix 1 HWB Terms of Reference

Appendix 2 GPs to be given 1000 staff to tackle loneliness and mental illness

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