9.140 Prospectus for a CAmpaign for Social Prescribing Of Talking Therapies (CASPOTT)               9.4.19

By John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove, BN3 4LE,, 01273 417997. References to papers thus (9.125) are published on, and

1 Why is this campaign needed?

2 Why are you campaigning for this?

3 What about IAPT?

4 What is the root cause of the epidemic of ‘depression’

5 What can be done about this?

6 How would this new service be provided?

7 How would this new socially prescribed service be paid for?

8 What is social prescribing?

9 How can social prescribing be part of the prescribing system?

10 How will the new social prescribing system work?

11 What interventions should be included in social prescribing?

12 How should potential providers be licenced?

13 SWOT test. Strengths of this campaign

14 Weaknesses of this campaign

15 Opportunities for this campaign

16 Threats to this campaign

17 How long will it take to achieve our purpose, aim and objectives?

18 What can you do to support this campaign?

19 Conclusion.

Appendix 1 Examples of existing social prescribing schemes. Appendix 1 Jeremy Clark’s introduction to the 12th Annual Psychological Therapies in the NHS conference.

Appendix 2 Draft constitution of CASPOTT

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