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By John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE 01273 417997, Papers referenced (9.137) are published on 25.4.19

1 Summary conclusion. The will of Parliament to stop GPs overprescribing has been systematically subverted

2 Summary conclusions of what is fake news and what is true?

3 Summary recommendations to the CCG to cure the crisis in primary care

4 Recommendations to the newly elected councilors on HWB after 2.5.19

5 Why are you writing this?

6 What was the outcome of SECTCo’s activities since 2010?

7 Claire Rowe’s presentation on social prescribing to the West Hove Health Forum in Hove on 20.3.19

8 My comments on this Impetus initiative

9 Definition of this client group to be treated

10 How many Rachels and Daves are there in Brighton and Hove?

11 How much money is available to treat these Rachels and Daves?

12 Proposed stages of progression

13 What treatments should be offered under social prescribing? Those that could get addicts detoxed and clean

14 What do you mean by ‘healing and curing’?

15 How do we think?

16 Are ADs addictive?

17 Are ADs safe?

18 Can Impetus provide this social prescribing service?

19 ‘Expanding social prescribing into Adult Social Care’ (as called for in paragraph h) above)

20 The community services provided by Community Base

21 Principles that should underly the interventions provided under this social prescribing scheme

22 Why are the CCG so resistant to what you propose?

23 What are the chances of the CCG implementing this social prescribing scheme?

24 If you can’t change the CCG’s mind, who can?

25 What was the intention of Parliament when they passed the Health and Social Care Act 2012?

26 Has that intention and democratic rule been honoured by the CCGs?

27 What should the 5 councillors do when they are on the HWB?

28 Is primary legislation required to do this?

29 What else should the councillors do?

30 Have you read NHS England’s specification: ‘Social prescribing and community based support. Summary guide.’?

31 What are your comments on NHS England’s summary guide?

32 What is the difference between your approach to social prescribing and NHS England’s?

33 Have you a conflict of interest?

34 What are your further views on the HSCA?

35 What was Andrew Lansley’s vision of the new NHS?

36 Conclusion

Appendix Extract from undated guidelines from NHS England (received 24.4.19) . Social prescribing and community-based support Summary guide with my emphasis and comments

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