9.142 i360 sundial.html               7.6.19

Paper for Regency Square Area Society (RSAS) meeting on 10.6.19 By John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE 01273 417997, 7.6.19

1 Summary conclusion.

2 Recommendation to the i360 company

3 Recommendations to the RSAS committee

4 What would the i360 sundial cost, and who would build it?

5 Where would the money come from, and how long would it take?

6 What investment is needed to launch the project, and how long would it take?

7 Who stand to benefit financially from this project?

8 What is the estimated financial benefit of this project?

9 Sensitivity analysis to the above estimates

10 What is the present financial state of the company?

11 What has been the attitude of the Board of the company to my proposals?

12 What are your reflections on the Board’s attitude?

13 Conclusion

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