9.78 How the Wellbeing Strategy should cure the primary care crisis by acknowledging the elephant in the room (medication) by allowing GPs to prescribe mindfulness meditation courses.         28.8.14.

Paper for the Wellbeing Steering Group of Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) for their next meeting on Tuesday 2.9.14
Recommendations that the steering group should:
2 Summary of laudable conclusions regarding the Wellbeing Strategy
3 Summary of constructive criticism about the Wellbeing Strategy
4 Summary of conclusions regarding my proposed solution to the crisis in primary care
5 The Wellbeing Strategy is not a strategy
6 The action plan is not a plan
7 The Wellbeing doesn’t mention or address the crisis in primary care
8 The problem for society – the NHS is in denial of the crisis, so has dementia
9 The cause of the crisis - over-prescribed drugs
10 The GP’s problem – There Is No Alternative (TINA) to drugs
11 The NHS is a toxic system, poisoning patients at taxpayers expense


12 Breaking the taboo by acknowledging the elephant in the room as over-prescribed drugs, (such as antidepressants)
13 Why IAPT failed – CBT is only effective in 1 in 10 patients
14 The panacea solution – mindfulness courses
15 Reduction of health inequalities by providing free NICE-recommended CAM on the NHS
16 Refusal to grant 30,000 depressed patients their statutory right to a MBCT course.
17 Answers to my public questions
18 MBCT courses are Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) which is the alternative to drugs (the elephant in the room)
19 What is mindfulness, and how does it work as a panacea to create wellbeing and cure mental sickness?
20 The evolution of mindfulness as a public health intervention
21 Public provision of MBCT courses in Sussex and Brighton and Hove since 2012
22 Solution to the crisis – ending the Prozac nation by outcome based contracts for MBCT courses.
23 The co-determinants of health should be addressed by social prescribing
24 The 5 steps to wellbeing should be formally taught to patients in MBCT courses
25 How SECTCo’s MBCT courses meet the Strategy’s 5 ways of mental wellbeing
26 Case histories of participants in SECTCo’s courses
27 What is the true waiting time for NHS MBCT courses in the city?
28 Depressed patients have the statutory right to MBCT courses
29 Tendering procedure for contract procurement
30 Pilot meditation centre for West Hove and South Portslade at 3, Boundary Rd.
31 Proposal for outcome based contracts
32 Our vision for 2-3, Boundary Rd Hove
33 Conclusion - the disconnect between supply and demand – the real waiting list
34 Conclusion – please listen to what I write, and come and see what we are doing

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