9.83 Draft GP survey into whether being able to prescribe mindfulness courses as easily as Prozac would delay GPs early retirement?           5.1.15

By John Kapp (22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE,, 01273 417997) whose previous papers are published on section 9 of

Purpose of this survey – to solve the crisis in primary care
The crisis which is overwhelming the primary care service has been long foretold. A poll of 2,000 GPs published in Pulse in June 2013, said that: 97% did not think they were positively influencing people’s lives or accomplishing much in their role’, and 43% were: ‘ at very high risk of burnout.

A report in the Guardian on 24.3.14 quoted BMA chair Chaand Nagpaul, who said: It is clear general practice is facing a workload disaster that is threatening its long-term future. We are seeing morale dip to a level that I cannot remember in my 25 years as a GP. Six out of 10 GPs are considering early retirement and more than a third are planning to end their career early. This could lead to a general workforce crisis in general practice where we do not have enough GPs to treat patients. (full article in appendix 1)

The crisis is causing the reported threatened closure of over 100 practices in London. On 28.2.15 when Eaton Place surgery in Brighton closes, 5,000 patients will be displaced and need to be accommodated in the other 45 surgeries in the city, putting further stress on the remaining GPs. Cascade failure could leave millions without a GP, which is crazy when we are spending £420 million on revamping the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Accordingly, I have drafted this survey for Dr Tom Scanlon, director of public health, Brighton and Hove City Council, hoping that he will take the lead in issuing it to all GPs on behalf of the HWB and CCG jointly, analysing the results, designing a new system and recommending it to the HWB.

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