9.90 Ending the Prozac Nation by Allowing Teachers to teach MBCT courses on GP referral               30.4.15

Paper for Prof Mark Williams, Sussex Mindfulness Centre, and the UK Network 13.5.15
By John Kapp,

End the Prozac nation by allowing Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) teachers to teach depressed patients on GP referral by amending clause B4 of UK Network guidelines by adding: ‘unless qualified by experience’.

1 Summary of conclusions – Allow 10,000 MBCT teachers who are qualified by experience to teach patients on GP referral to teach 4 million depressed patients
2 Recommendations to the UK Network
3 The ‘UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teacher Training Organisations’
4 Mindfulness is both a teaching and a therapy
5 Trials on mindfulness courses as therapy
6 How does mindfulness improve performance and health?
7 How can patients be healed and cured by learning mindfulness?
8 What is the most important quality needed in a MBCT facilitator? - Presence
9 What is taught in a Network 2 year MSc teacher training? – Paternalism?
10 Where can we find 10,000 MBCT facilitators with presence to teach 4 million depressed patients, and get them off antidepressants?
11 The cause of health inequalities is that the rich can afford to learn mindfulness and the poor cannot.
12 What sort of professional clinical training should teachers of MBCT have?
13 What should determine who can teach mindfulness to patients on GP referral?
14 Why not take antidepressants rather than learning mindfulness?
15 Patients go to the doctor to be healed and cured, not medicated
16 How many MBCT facilitators are presently employed in the NHS??
17 How many MBCT facilitators are needed to meet the new access standards?
18 To meet the new access standards needs 10,000 more MBCT facilitators
19 Where will these 10,000 mindfulness teachers come from? My experience
20 SECTCo’s experience and campaign to teach patients on GP referral
21 SECTCo’s applications to bid for the Better Care Fund (BCF) to transform the lives of Rachel and Dave
22 European Social Fund (ESF) Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme
23 The ostrich attitude of the CCG officers
24 Conclusion – create a new profession of MBCT facilitators
Appendix 1 UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers. Good practice guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses (our emphasis added, see clause B4)
Appendix 2 UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainer Organisations Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers of Mindfulness-Based Teachers
Appendix 3 Recommended changes to the MBCT facilitators course
Appendix 4 Kipling’s: ‘if’, expressing the qualities of presence required of a MBCT facilitator.
Appendix 5 Unsolicited testimonial dated 9.5.15 about SECTCo from Anthony Coyne, who was elected chairman of the board of directors at the AGM on 6.5.15.

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