9.93 Curing the Crisis in Primary Care by Tendering to Mass Provide 25,000 MBCT Courses for £10 Million Better Care Fund               17.6.15

Draft notes of a meeting with Cllr Daniel Yates, chairman, Brighton and Hove Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) with directors of SECTCo, held at 3, Boundary Rd Hove on 17.6.15
by John Kapp,

1 Present: Daniel Yates, (former councillor and physiotherapist who has studied mindfulness) Anthony Coyne (chairman), Clare Jenkins (director), John Hadman (director for homelessness) Jon Wilde, John Kapp (secretary)

2 SECTCo welcome

3 Daniel asked what SECTCo is offering to the Council.

4 Daniel asked how SECTCo gets on with the CCG

5 Daniel advised SECTCo to partner with other third sector organisations and bid for contracts

6 SECTCo asked Daniel to request the CCG to issue tender documents and invitations to bid for the BCF to the third sector

7 Daniel said that there are only 5 councillors on the HWB

8 Daniel said that the BCF is not new money

9 SECTCo invited Daniel to invite Cllr Caroline Penn (lead for mental health) and others to visit us as he had done. SECTCo gave Daniel an envelope containing the following papers.

1 Letter to Cllr Daniel Yates dated 17.6.15
2 List of papers by John Kapp published on section 9 of
3 Cartoon ‘Learn mindfulness’.
4 Public question to the HWB meeting on 3.2.15 entitled: ‘Save our NHS by social prescribing of meditation (not medication)'
5 SECTCo flier

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