9.97 Differences between SECTCo and HWB – building bridges to create a patient centred NHS in accordance with the law               13.8.15

Paper for Brighton and Hove Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB)
By John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE, 01273 417997, Social Enterprise Complementary Therapy Company (SECTCo), References are to my papers on Former councillor (1995-99)

1 Recommendation
The chairman of the HWB should call a special inquiry meeting (on the lines of a Select Committee of Parliament) to call the GGG to account by answering the accusations made in my paper 9.96: ‘Call for the CCG to be put into special measures regarding the Childrens Mental Health Transformation Plan.’

2 Summary conclusions – the CCG is non-compliant with the law.
The NHS has been in crisis for decades because it is provider centred and out of touch with the needs of patients, doctors and taxpayers.

3 How should the meeting you call for be conducted?
In order for both sides to prepare for the inquiry meeting, I have written a script of the meeting for the chairman (presumably Cllr Daniel Yates) to follow

4 Mr Kapp, (JK) why have you been complaining about the CCG?

5 Does the HWB have the power to call the CCG to account?
JK: Yes it does, under ‘enhanced powers’ granted to it in May 2014...

6 What are the new terms of reference of the HWB?
JK: The minutes of the relevant council papers (Policy and Resources 1.5.14, endorsed by full Council 8.5.14 and CCG board 20.5.14) are reproduced in full in appendix 1.

7 Why did the HWB not call the CCG to account?
JK: From May 2014, when the HWB got enhanced powers, I continued to lobby them to call the CCG to account, but nobody listened to me.

8 What do you hope the new HWB will do about the CCG?
JK: Deliver the patient centred NHS that the last decade’s law changes (with all party support) requires.

Questions for Dr Nalletamby (XN) and Mr Kapp (JK)

9. Do you accept that treatments that the CCG commission should meet the QIPP criteria?

10 Do you accept that most drug treatments do not meet these QIPP critera?

11 Do you accept that NICE guidelines for mild to moderate depression and anxiety (mental sickness) recommend talking therapy rather than drugs? (9.76, 9.77, 9.78, 9.79 etc)

12 Dr Nalletamby, do you accept Mr Kapp’s point that the most cost effective talking therapy is the MBCT course?

13 If yes, then why don’t you do as Mr Kapp suggests, and commission more MBCT courses?

14 Do you accept Mr Kapp’s following glossary of terms, designed to identify the differences between your view points, and if not, what do you dispute?

Glossary of terms
G1 - 31

Appendix 1 Proof that the CCG is statutorily accountable to the HWB.

Appendix 2
- Explanatory Note

Corroboration of the need to commission more talking therapies

Mental health taskforce receives huge response – Paul Farmer 4.6.15

Appendix 3
Extract from a speech by Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP, Minister for Care, 2.7.15

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