Open Letter to Health Service Chiefs - 6.11.07
      by JOHN KAPP

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Thank you for organizing the many public consultation meetings since July. I have attended 5 of them in Brighton and Hove. In all of them there was a strong underlying energy of fear about the future of healthcare. People complained about normal trivial problems (such as longer journey times and car parking) but these expressions concealed their real fears, which they could not admit publicly.

The real problem – unsafe medicine
Their unexpressable fear is that deep down they cannot trust the NHS to deliver safe healthcare. This conclusion is awful (literally) because they know that they are dependent on the NHS when they and their family members get ill. They are afraid to overtly criticize the NHS, in case lifesaving treatment is withheld when they need it. What is the basis of this unspoken fear, and is it justified?

Doctor and drug bashing in the media has become increasingly commonplace over the last decade.(1) The medical establishment has steadfastly ignored it, burying its head in the sand and pretending that it does not exist. However, an impression has been left in the public’s mind that doctors do not tell the whole truth, and that there is a shadow side which is being concealed.

America is further advanced that Britain in public mistrust of government funded healthcare, but there is no reason to believe that our system in UK is any better than theirs. This shadow side is exposed in 2 reports from USA, titled ‘Death by Medicine’ and ‘Psychiatry – an Industry of Death’ (see appendices below for details) These shows that the leading cause of death in USA is now iatrogenic medicine (doctor-induced illness) with 800,000 deaths pa, compared to 700,000 pa from heart disease, and 500,000 from cancer.

These are authentic scientific studies showing that the public’s fears that government funded medicine is intrinsically unsafe are well founded. Neither the medical profession nor the government regulators can be trusted. The second Pillar of the community (the first being the Church) is also crumbling. The Hippocratic oath ‘do no harm’ has been inadvertently broken by nearly every doctor, not because he is a Shipman, but because he relied on the word of government regulatory bodies and drug companies, who have let him down, betraying his trust in them.

What is the solution? Complementary medicine.
The obvious solution for patients is don’t go to the doctor or take drugs. However, the 55 million of us in UK cannot suddenly do that. A third (17 million) of us are permanently on medication for chronic conditions, and cannot suddenly stop taking it. The realistic solution is not revolution but evolution as follows:

To restore public trust, the medical establishment has to publicly admit that it has a problem with unsafe medicine, (such as drugs) and make plans to changeover to safe medicine, which are complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Iatrogenesis is unknown in CAM. There has never been a reported death from CAM, and the worst adverse reaction that I have ever heard of is an infected wound from an unsterilised acupuncture needle. Polls show that 3 out of 4 people want CAM on the NHS, (2) so in a patient-led service it has to be provided.

Contrary to the propaganda put out by the drug companies, CAM has a more robust evidence base of efficacy than conventional medicine. This is proven both in the market, and by the science of psycho-neuro-immunology which show that interventions do not heal. No-one can heal anyone else. The only person you can heal is yourself.

To heal you have to get yourself out of your (normal) sympathetic nervous system response to fear (the adrenaline reaction of fight/flight) and into an altered state of consciousness. This is the meditative space when the parasympathetic nervous system can produce healing endorphins. (3) Conventional interventions that cut, burn or poison the body make you more fearful and reduce your ability to make endorphins. All CAM therapies increase your self-healing ability by providing a safe space to get into a meditative space, using various different techniques.

The solution to the problem of unsafe drugs is the integration of CAM into the NHS, as Prince Charles called for in his speech to the WHO health ministers in May 2006. (2) The Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) should lead this integration because they are the commissioners of the services. They should liase with hospital trusts and neighbouring PCTs, but not wait for the Strategic Health Authority or Department of Health to lead, because the PCTs have already got all the delegated powers that they need.

The Payment By Results legislation of April 2006 enables the PCTs to commission whatever treatment each and every patient and his budget holder GP jointly decide are right for him/her (obviously safe ones). Under Practice Based Commissioning, GPs can commission CAM for their patients under Service Level Agreements with Alternative Providers of Medical Services (APMS) who provide CAM. (2) There are many CAM centres in every town who would be pleased to contract with the PCTs in this way.

The public’s highest priority is that they can trust the NHS to provide safe treatments. Unsafe treatments (such as drugs) should be discontinued, and safe treatments (such as CAM) should be provided. Public trust in the NHS should be re-established by inviting patient representatives to sit on every NHS committee concerned with patient care, (4) particularly those deciding on commissioning. Justice should be done, and seen to be done, and only treatments which are safe, and are seen to be safe, should be commissioned.

Yours faithfully

John Kapp

Appendix 1
‘Death by Medicine’ by Dr Gary Null et al
Extracts from a report commissioned by the Nutrition Institute of America from medical peer-reviewed journals and government statistics (see website

‘Something is wrong when regulatory agencies pretend that vitamins are dangerous, yet ignore published statistics showing that government sanctioned medicine is the real hazard…and frequently causes more harm than good…Conventional medicine is now the leading cause of death in America…(iatrogenic – doctor induced)

Annual numbers of people having:

  • in-hospital, adverse reaction to prescribed drugs 2.2m…
  • unnecessary medical and surgical procedures…7.5m ..
  • unnecessary hospitalisation 8.9m…
  • unnecessary antibiotics prescribed for viral infections 20m, …
  • deaths caused by conventional medicine 784k…..
  • deaths caused by heart disease 700k…..deaths caused by cancer 553k.’

Appendix 2
‘Psychiatry- an Industry of Death’ by the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)

Extracts from a 68 page report accompanying a documentary DVD widely distributed in UK (see website

  • ‘Psychiatry is the greatest fraud of all time. It is also the most dangerous’ ….
  • ’A profit-driven, corrupt industry that leaves death and destruction in its wake’ (contemporary president of the American Psychiatric Association)….
  • .Insurance in the USA alone pays out $69bnpa in mental costs……
  • International psychiatric drug sales total in the range $76 bnpa……
  • By their own admission psychiatrists do not know how to cure a single mental problem……

More than 20 million children worldwide are on prescribed psychiatric drugs known to cause violence, psychosis, hallucinations, suicide, homicide, strokes, diabetes, heart attacks and death for alleged disorders that have never been scientifically proven to exist (such as ADD, ADHD)….

Anti-depressant ‘wonder drugs’ are so widely prescribed that 150 million worldwide have taken Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) These drugs are under fire by regulatory agencies, not only for their potential to create violence and suicidal impulses, but because drug trials have found they perform no better than placebos (sugar pills).

‘With a virtual monopoly over mental health, psychiatrists manufacture and promote a supposed worldwide mental health crisis as justification for billions more in funding and greater control over the populace. To secure their appropriations, psychiatry and psychology purposely advertise their failures, despite the fact that these moneys will buy no cures and provide no benefit to patients or society. …

Mandatory insurance or government funding should not support them…. As nerve-damaging drugs and barbaric treatments enslave more millions, and we experience an escalation of every social problem imaginable, worsened if not created by psychiatry’s false solutions, it is evident that psychiatry cannot be reformed, but must indeed be abolished.’

1 Channel 4 documentary Nov 2000 ‘Why doctors make mistakes’ showing that 40,000 pa were.killed by mistake in UK, and 100,000s maimed..
2 Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Health website
3 Book ‘The Endorphin Effect’ by William Bloom 2001.
4 See website, section 9.13

Cc Julian Lee, chairman Brighton and Hove City PCT
Darren Grayson, Chief Executive ditto
Glynn jones, chairman Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust
Duncan Selbie, chief executive Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust
Quentin Barry, chairman Southlands Health Trust
John O’Sullivan, chief executive ditto
Sussex Partnership Trust chiefs

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