9.32 Working with Soul in Illness and Health

Report of the Conference         13.10.08

John Kapp,
22, Saxon Rd, Hove BN3 4LE, East Sussex   Tel: 01273 417997

Jointly run by the Spirit Release Foundation and the British Union of Spiritist Societies on 8 and 9th Oct 2008 at 15 Belgrave Square, London. It was attended by about 100 people, many of whom were doctors, mediums and sensitives. The language was in both English and Portugese, with simultaneous translation.

1 Abstract
Conventional medicine is based on the materialist paradigm which does not believe in the soul, spirit, past lives, in which lie the cause of mental health disorders. Being in denial, it cannot eliminate the cause, which is the only way to cure the patient. Its treatments therefore only aim to allieviate symptoms. The participants of this conference know from their own experience that the cause is spirit possession, and that spirit release treatment often cures the patient. It calls on the World Health Organisation and the governments of the world to adopt a paradigm shift to holism and incorporate and fund the treatments described below.

2 Dr Andrew Powell is a psychiatrist and the founding chairman of the Spirituality and Psychiatry special interest group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in London. He welcomed the participants and introduced the speakers.

He warned participants that the translation from English to Portuguese and vice-versa of technical words used by spiritists, mediums, and clinicians may differ from their ordinary meanings. Working definitions of these terms are as follows:
Spiritist = those who believe that the dead communicate with the living.
Spirit =spark of the divine with free will related to consciousness.
Soul = etheric body = spirit incarnated in a physical body.
Obsession = spirit attachment, associated. Dis-obsession= spirit release, dissociated.
Fluids = subtle energy of the vital life force as waves of radiation of consciousness.
Magnetism = broadcast of fluids.
Perispirit = link between the soul (etheric body) and physical body, via the pineal gland.
Entity = spirit of a discarnate being possessing another physical body as a temporary host.
Alters = ?

Authorities quoted by speakers included Alan Kardec, Deepak Chopra, Kasus Murakami, Bruce Lipton, Dr Kare, Xavier, Eddie Burke, Roger Woolgar, Sergio Oliviera, Andre Luiz, Michael Persinger, Isabel Clarke, Staislav Grof, William Blake, Carl Jung, Ralph Alison (Minds in Many Pieces)

3 Dr Marlene Nobrot is a gynaecologist specialising in cancer prevention. She is president of the International Medical Spiritist Association and the Alliance of Medical Spiritists in Brazil, where there are 10,000 spiritist centres. She is the author of several books. She spoke on Spirit, soul, mind, and body in the healing process.

She said that there is no future for humanity with the conventional medical model based on the materialist paradigm represented by Prof. Richard Dawkins of Oxford University. He says that we are nothing but our genes, and the patient is merely a passive receiver of therapy which does not tackle pain.

Medicine has to change to the holistic paradigm. Under this, consciousness acts from outside matter through downward causation through the mind as an expression of the patient’s will to heal. The aim of therapy is healing, which is the integration of spirit, soul, mind and body.

The spirit gives orders to the body regarding taking responsibility for the illness. (karma) Emotions like guilt turn against ourselves and provoke illness and grief in our body, altering our cells. Obsession (spirit attachment), crime, alcohol and drug abuse are all indications of disincarnate beings possessing us and bringing vengeance upon us.

She defined healing as creating tranquillity within the soul. The agent of healing is cosmic spiritual fluids (vitality) radiated by magnetism (broadcast of fluids). Every cure is a variety of magnetism transmitted to the patient. The cultivation of this healing by the therapist is through unconditional love with humility. If hate is expressed, it has to be cancelled by love.

4 Tony Neate is chairman of the Spirit Release Foundation. He is the author of Channelling for Everyone, and New Dimensions in Healing. He is a well known channel, healer and counsellor. He spoke on Releasing Enitities from Past L:ife Situations.

He said that we are all free spirits on a wonderful journey of repeated incarnations interspersed with periods in the interlife. The purpose of life is not to blame others, or be fearful, but to open our hearts and balance the light and the shadow within us. We have to find the light within us and others, and rejoin the Godhead who created us.

We come into being (incarnation) in this life at our conception. We choose our parents for the challenges that we need for our soul’s development. We attract relationships with others to find love, respect, balance and harmony. We may decide to stay in this body for any length of time, which may be days before we are aborted or miscarry, or be born and live to 100 years. We have free will to do what we like, limited only by our present body as our temporary host.

Medicine has to look at causes, not just symptoms. These could be blockages in our vitality due to regret in our past lives, when we might have been murdered, or been the perpetrator of murder.

Spirit release is not about getting rid of the entity, but about empowering it to heal in an intuitive and interactive way using love. Spirits should not get stuck, but move on so that both possessor and possessed can evolve spiritually. No relationship is for ever. The marriage vow ‘till death us do part’ can cause problems.

Past life regression uses hypnotherapy to go back into a past life memory which is causing the present life problem. Memory depends on fears. Reprogramme it so that you regain control by rewriting your own script, cutting the ties, and letting go. Beware of general anaesthetics which take the soul out of the body.

5 Dr Decio Iandole is professor of physiology in the University of Santa Cecilia, San Paulo, Brazil. He is the author of several books. He spoke on the Pineal Gland, and its influence on Brain-Body/Mind-Soul Integration.

The pineal gland is known traditionally as the ‘seat’ of our soul, sixth sense, third eye, compass, controller of the controllers. Nostradamus called it the ‘captain of our ship.’ It is in the most protected place in the centre of our head. It is the only cellular structure to have 3 layers.

It picks up signals from the universe and planetary system:
from the cosmos from whence comes our life force and vitality,
from the sun, via the retina of our eyes,
from the Earth via the geomagnetic field,
from the Moon, causing menstrual and fertility cycles,
from Saturn, causing the 7 ages of man, every 7 years
from the other planets.

The pineal gland is our body’s internal clock, giving us jet lag. It is responsible for our chrono-biology cycles, through secretion of melatonin and serotonin. It controls the tides of our cebro-spinal fluid, our glands (such as the pituitary, adrenals, gonads, pancreas, immune system) and our 3 nervous systems.

The pineal gland transmits subtle energy between consciousness from the universe and our physical body as does the perispirit (etheric body) It is therefore like the USB port which transmits intelligent information between the internet and our computer . In this computer metaphor, the body is the hardware, the mind is the software, the soul is the operator and the spirit is the internet . A Near Death Experience (NDE) is like a fast upload of all our memories of our life through that USB port.

6 Dr Serena Roney-Dougal with a doctoral thesis in parapsychology has had over 30 years of study and experience in scientific and spiritual explorations of the psyche. She is the author of several books, and has been researching psychic phenomena at the Psi research centre at Glastonbury, and a monastry in India. She spoke on The Psycho-Spiritual aspects of the Pineal Gland.

She said the pineal gland naturally produces a chemical called DMT at night in one of the dreaming states which is vital for health. DMT is the substance thought to produce our ‘gut instinct’. Some plants such as ayawasta also contain DMT, and when taken can induce an hallucinogenic state similar to dreaming (and Harry Potter books).

DMT is therefore known as the spirit molecule, linking body and mind, brain and consciousness. It is the key to the door of the psi-conducive state, enabling us to walk between the worlds of matter and spirit into another reality. There, in an altered state of consciousness, we can experience the feeling of one-ness with everything, blissed out, samadhi, death of the ego, primary process thinking.

The pineal gland is therefore the organ through which we can shift our attitude away from our feelings of separateness and isolation. Isabel Clarke has been trying to do for the whole community in hospitals. (Editor’s note: Meditation is a method by which we produce DMT internally, so that we can have these experiences to heal us. Taking DMT externally gives us the experiences, but instead of healing us, makes us sick. The Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course based on the work of Buddhist Prof Jon Kabat-Zinn in USA, teaches mindfulness meditation. It is recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) as an alternative to antidepressants in the British NHS see paper ‘Improving Health by Ending the Prozac Nation’ section 9.28 of

7 Dr Alan Sanderson is a consultant psychiatrist and the founder and president of the Spirit Release Foundation. He spoke on The Value of Involving the Patient’s Angels and Spirit Guides in the Healing Process.
Alan involves the patient’s spirit guides in his work, and illustrated this by describing Samantha, whom he is currently treating for trauma, depression and multiple personality disorder. As a child she had been horrifically abused, and had been a prostitute, addicted to alcohol and violence against her, which she craved from abusive partners. She is still addicted to her parents, who are still alive, but is gradually being weaned off them. She has spirit guides called Rose and White Feather, who Alan find most useful, and who sometimes run the sessions for him, as Samantha recounts their dialogue with her.

He starts with hypnotherapy in deep relaxation into an altered state of consciousness into an open portal. Samantha recalls and recounts all sorts of scenes, probably from past lives, involving babies, children, screaming, priests interfering, abusing, psychic surgery. Rather than associating herself with them (which caused the trauma) she is becoming able to dissociate watching the scenes dispassionately from a safe space with the help of Rose and White Feather. She is thereby gradually becoming able to release her entity attachments and heal herself.

There was lively discussion. It was said that therapists need to recognise their own wounds to be able to help their clients. Alan was asked how a conventional consultant psychiatrist like him could get involved in spirit release work. He answered that he was taught by an estate agent. The NHS were not allowed to purchase non-conventional treatment. Patients talked behind his back. He did not conceal what he was doing, and the chairman of the NHS trust once sat in on one of his sessions. However, a Sunday newspaper ran a story about him under a headline ‘shrink talks spirits into patients’ , after which he had to go private. He does not consider himself to be a psychic or a sensitive.

8 Dr Roberto Lucio Souza is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and medium at the Renasciamento (Renaissance) Psychic Assistance Institute in Brazil. He is the author of several books. He spoke on The Multi-Disciplinary Model of Healthcare in Spiritist Pyschiatric Hospitals.

He described his own hospital, illustrated with stills and video clips. It is an acute hospital, with 187 beds, 80% occupancy, independent of the state hospital system. The foundation dates back to 1949, with major changes in 1967 and 1976.

The Institute is a Christian foundation and believes that the root cause of mental illness is in the spirit and soul of the patient. Past lives have an impact on their spirit and soul which compromise their present life with impulses such as suicide, murder, vengeance. Treatment is spirit release, with the aim of a healing transformation. Patients are assessed and allocated to one or more of the following types of treatment:

1 Evangelical. Theoretical studies in seminars, including meditation and prayer, aimed at changing the patients’ attitude and perspective on life.
2 Fluids therapy to boost their subtle energy, life force, vitality, with spiritual healing, Reiki, blessing with magnetised water.
3 Spiritual Therapy for dis-obsession (spirit release) by sessions with mediums, including past life regression.

Unlike conventional mental hospitals, 90% of their patients come voluntarily. On arrival patients are offered fraternal assistance (a buddy) which 95% of them accept. There is an allotment, which patients can work, and football. They get better results than conventional hospitals, particularly with schizophrenia, and so are able to attract private and charitable funding. Spiritism is a therapeutic tool, not a dogmatic belief system. They are not trying to convert people to spiritism.

9 David Furlong has been practicing as a therapist and healer for over 40 years. He is the author of several books, including Healing Your Family Patterns. He spoke on The Role of the Ancestors in Health and Healing.

He illustrated how trauma in our ancestors can affect us by quoting a case of Dr Kenneth McCall (retold in his book Healing your Family Tree). McCall had a patient who had a distressing impulse of wanting to gouge out people’s eyes. The basement of the ancestoral home of her family was found to contain instruments of torture, including eye gougers. A priest was called to clear the energy from the building, and release the entities. The moment that the decision was made to hold a Eucharist service to do this, the client was cured of her impulse, and so was her sister, who was in a mental institution at the time.

We have many ancestors, depending on how many generations we go back. 1 generation has 2 ancestors, 2 generations have 4+2=6, 3 generations have 8+6= 14…..10 generations have 1024, 30 generations have 1 billion, and 33 generations have 6.5 billion, which is the total population of the world.

We are therefore all related as cousins of each other. There is evidence to suggest that our common ancestors, Adam and Eve, lived about 200,000 years ago (about 6000 generations) However, the human population was decimated about 70,000 years ago (2,000 generations).

Prof. Brouelard in 1981 published a study of identical twins who were adopted by different families, and lived totally separate lives. They were named Jim Lewis and Jim Springer. Their lives were subsequently found to have followed remarkably similar patterns, as if they had been constantly telepathically connected.

Death does not separate our ancestors from us. Their influence continues like a TV broadcast, bonding them to us psychically through their spirit which lives on. In Near Death Experiences they often connect with us to look after us.

He quoted Abraham, who 4,000 years ago had a wife (Sarah) who bore him Issac, the common ancestor from whom all the Jews are descended. He also had a mistress (Sarah’s maid, Hagar) who bore him Ishmail, born illegitimate 14 years before Issac, the common ancestor from whom all the Arabs are descended. For over 100 generations the Jews and Arabs have been at war with each other over who is superior and inferior.

This shows that healing these family splits is difficult, but it is not impossible. David has done so for his own family, which was split by his grandfather (like Abraham) having families by his wife and a mistress. To heal these energies, ancestors only need to be acknowledged with love (honoured) David did this, and eventually managed to get 60 of his relations (mainly cousins and step cousins) together for a party of celebration. His purpose was mainly to stop the split being passed on to the next generations. He said that evil is only evil if it is rejected.

In the discussion John Kapp said that he is a family constellation facilitator, practicing the spirit release method started by Bert Hellinger as a group therapy. Hellinger is German, and was a Catholic missionary to the Zulus in S.Africa, from whom he learnt the method (see, and book The Roots of Love by Svagio Liebermeister, see, John has reviewed that book, which may be seen on section 9.17 of his website,

10 Dr Alexander Moreira-Almeida is a professor of psychiatry in the School of Medicine at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil. He has a post doctoral fellowship at Duke University, USA. He has been a spiritist since childhood. He spoke on Differential Diagnoses of Trance and Possession States. He may be contacted on

He said that the DSMIV (Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders, volume 4) does not differentiate between people who have hallucinating symptoms (say of childhood abuse, which is said to affect 22% of the population). but are healthy and in trance, from those who are ill with a psychotic condition, and are possessed. This results in mis-diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder, and Dissociated identity Disorder. Conventional doctors sometimes say that ‘spiritist madness’ is a mental disorder, whereas in reality spiritist mediums are healthy and working for free to heal their fellow citizens.

He has been responsible for a research project to avoid this mis-diagnosis of people with hallucinations by differentiating between A those who are not ill from B those who are ill. The study involved 115 mediums, selected from a screening questionnaire. Some had symptoms of schizophrenia. The key finding of the study was that the cause was different in each case:

A This group were hallucinating because of trance from altered states of consciousness perhaps resulting from spiritual or religious experiences. They were not associated or identified with any spirit, (ie dissociative) and were in control of themselves. They were therefore in good health, which tended to improve with time.

B This group were hallucinating because of spirit possession because they were associative (identified with the spirit which possessed them) They were out of control from genuine pathology of madness, hence ill, and they tended to get worse with time.

He hopes that the medical establishment, including the World health Organisation, will take the study’s findings on board and redefine mental illness more appropriately, and have a more open mind to spiritism.

11 Conclusion – spirit possession causes illness, and spirit release cures it.
The purpose of treatment is to cure illness by finding and eliminating its cause. That conventional medicine does not even seek to do this indicates that it is itself sick, suffering from ‘materialitis’. It has had this condition for more than a century, but it has recently become acute and is now in crisis, perhaps even death throes. (see books like Trick or Treatment – Alternative Medicine on Trial by Prof Ernst and Simon Singh, 2008)

The cause of this sickness is the materialistic paradigm, on which conventional medicine is based. Materialism has the limiting belief that matter is the only reality. From this belief arise the sub-paradigms of reductionism (the whole is only the sum of its parts) and mechanism (people are machines).

This collection of limiting beliefs force conventional medicine into denial of everything non-material, including spirit, soul, past lives, wherein lie the cause of illness. As the cause is out of bounds, conventional treatment funded by taxation (drugs and talking therapies) aim only to alleviate symptoms. The result is public health services that are not worthy of the name of service. They nevertheless cost the world’s taxpayers about 10% of total taxation.

This conference brought together many alternative clinicians from England and Brazil who believe from their experience that the cause of mental illness is spirit possession. They have been successfully curing patients by spirit release treatment, (such as past life regression and meditation) and have been providing an alternative mental health service privately or charitably funded.

The idea that the dead communicate with the living and cause health problems has been the basis of therapy in shamanic and mystical traditions for thousands of years. Scientists used to think that such communication was technically impossible, so.
dismissed these ideas as out of the question, as did conventional medicine.

The advent of information technology with micro chips and mobile phones which can receive and store information from billions of websites via the internet, show that it is technologically possible to communicate beyond the boundaries of space and time.
It makes no difference to a website whether the person who created it is alive or dead.
The same is true in spiritism, and spirit release treatments, which now have sound technology and science behind them, so are evidence based, therefore worthy of public funding.

The computer metaphor gives us a way to see mental disorders as caused by possession by the spirits of others such as ancestors. In this metaphor the body is the hardware, the mind is the software, the soul is the operator and the spirit is the internet. Illness can be seen as possessing spirits sending us disturbing signals popping up and jamming our screen like junk mail or a virus. The messages may tell us to do something (such as commit suicide or murder) which is hard to resist with our free will.

Healing by spirit release requires supporting patients in a safe and meditative space where they can take time to deal appropriately with these negative messages. They should go through their spiritual e mails and answer them appropriately with respect and love (honouring). If neglected, as patients do, these messages overflow and choke their spiritual communication system which breaks down, causing illness, first mental then physical.

12 Recommendations - heal western medicine by a paradigm shift to holism
We call on the World health Organisation and the governments of the world to:

A Heal conventional healthcare’s sickness of materialitis, by dropping the limiting beliefs of materialism, and adopting a paradigm shift to holism, which accepts the reality of non-material existence, including spirit, soul, reincarnation, past lives, spirit possession.

B Drop public funding for treatments which do not aim to cure the patient, and do more harm than good with side effects.

C Give public funding for the spirit release treatments described in this conference. These always aim to cure the patient and sometimes succeed. They are free from side effects, so at worst, do no harm. They have an evidence base going back thousands of years, which science has recently endorsed.

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