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John Kapp is a scientist and was a sceptic about astrology until 2001 when he met his wife, astrologer Phoebe Wyss, and started studying it. He wants it to resume its rightful place in science.

1 Summary
Astrology works because life works. There is a quantum a-causal link between the source of life and living creatures on earth. This link works like information technology (TV, computers, internet), namely quantum waves which travel from their source in the cosmos, to be collapsed into particles on the screens of receivers, us. The life force splits into the 12 archetypes, as light splits into 7 colours. Reception of the life force is affected by the position of the planets, which act like mobile phone masts. The horoscope is like a seed, programming each individual at the moment of the first breath with a personality and destiny. Astrologers can interpret the quality of the life force of any moment, so predicted the credit crunch when Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008.

2 The anomaly of the stigma against astrology
It is an odd anomaly that scientists such as Prof Richard Dawkins (2) dismiss astrology as superstition, because the founding fathers of science - Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, and Newton - were all astrologers. Astrology is the oldest science in the world, and has been testing theory against experimental data for millennia. Its laudable function is to correlate the positions of the planets with human experience to discover meaning in our lives.

The science of astronomy was born out of the need for data on the position of the planets for astrologers to interpret the meaning of the quality of the time. Astronomy has received $billions of public money, yet for over 2 centuries astrology has received none. There has not been a chair of astrology since 1770 in Salamanca, Spain (3).

The reason for the anomaly is historical. Astrology was thrown out as the baby with the bathwater of dogma. The Church stigmatised astrology because it was scientific, and gave power to astrologers instead of priests. Now science has become the inquisition and maintains the anomalous stigma out of habit.

Today scientists reject astrology because they cannot see any possible cause and effect mechanism by which the positions of the planets could affect the lives of people. They ask: ‘If people are puppets of the planets, where are the strings?’

Practicing astrologers have no motivation to answer this question, because to them it is un-necessary. They know from experience that astrology works, and they prefer to spend their time on the interpretation of horoscopes. They may not know enough science to do so. It is only since the development of quantum physics and information technology that a mechanism can be formulated.

Lacking a satisfactory answer to their question it is not surprising that scientists have closed their minds to astrology. This paper seeks to remedy that. However, the mechanism cannot be understood from the materialistic paradigm of upward causation only (the action of matter on matter). Astrology works by downward causation, so a paradigm shift is needed.

3 The paradigm underlying astrology – holism, or monistic idealism
Looking at the starry night sky provokes wonder in most people, who naturally ask:. ‘What is the meaning in the macrocosm?’ Astronomy gives us tables (ephemeres) telling us the positions of the planets relative to the zodiac in the past and future. The horoscope is a diagrammatic representation of those positions at any chosen moment in time (such as the first breath) and can now be easily created by computer.

Astrology is an empirical science. For millennia, astrologers have been diligently collecting experimental data correlating horoscopes with human experiences to compile the qualities of subtle energy pertaining to those positions, such as what happens when Pluto is in Capricorn? . Over the last 30 years Prof Richard Tarnas has been checking these correlations with historical facts, and found them highly significant, as recorded in his book ‘Cosmos and Psyche.’ (4)

Quantum physicist Prof Amit Goswami posits a non-dualist holistic paradigm called monistic idealism showing an a-causal link is possible in quantum physics in which distance is no object (5). Consciousness is the ground of all being which creates the life force. This has many names, such as light, spirit, subtle energy, bio-energy, chi, qi, prana, orgon, the gods, God. It is like an electro-magnetic field, and is also called the quantum field, zero point field, and Akashic records. Downward causation is consciousness creating the life force, which creates minds, which creates bodies.

. Where does consciousness and the life force come from? The sun is the obvious source, for without that light no life would be possible on earth. However, when the sun is below the horizon there is only starlight and sometimes moonlight. The life force does not stop at night, or we would die. However, it seems to change in quantity or quality then, as we go to sleep. The source of consciousness and the life force must therefore be in the cosmos beyond the sun, perhaps outside our galaxy.

To create a mechanism I place together the following factual statements and assumptions, like cogwheels in a clock, or stepping stones across a river, hoping thereby that sceptics can get dry-shod to the other side and accept astrology. It is in two parts,

a) how does life work?

b) how does astrology work?

4a) How does life work?

a) The life force works like a TV broadcast of waves of intelligent information from the cosmos.

b) Life is said to come in with our breath, mystically likened to the horse (oxygen) and rider (life force) Our bodies are like TV sets or computers, which come alive when they receive electricity from a power source (horse) and an electromagnetic signal on a carrier wave (rider)

c) Quantum physics shows that downward causation by signal-less communication is possible by non-locality outside space time (5) This happens instantaneously (what would be at infinite speed in the material world) so the distance from outer galactic space does not create a time delay.

d) Consciousness collapses the waves into other waves (the aura of our subtle bodies) and particles incarnate in the form of our physical body.

e) We are alive because our bodies receive this life force, like a TV set or computer connected to the internet. Images appear on the screen of our unconscious mind, which we copy in our behaviour.

f) The in-form-ation in the life force broadcast is like a blueprint. Vibrational waves have been shown to produce the complex forms of flowers, as photographed by Alexander Lauterwasser (6) see figure 1 which is a standing wave at 45.7Hz, creating a 12 sided pattern.

g) The life force is like visible light, which is a mixture of 7 frequencies corresponding to the 7 colours of the rainbow, spanning an octave of the visible spectrum, from which different combinations can create all colours.

h) Similarly, the subtle light of the life force may be a mixture of 12 frequencies, spanning an octave like the 12 semitones on the piano.

4b) How does astrology work?

i) The 12 qualities of the life force are known in astrology as the 12 archetypes and are represented by the 12 signs of the zodiac.

j) All personalities can be created out of different combinations of the archetypes.

k) The 12 archetypal energies are vectors (directional) varying in quality and quantity depending on the direction from which they come. Plato said that the universe is a dodecahedron (12 sided)

l) Reception of these 12 energies varies in quality and quantity depending on the direction of the positions of the planets.

m) The planets may act like mobile phone masts, relaying the life force, whose positions affect reception of the 12 archetypes on earth in quality and quantity.

n) Our individual horoscope was our initial programming at our first breath, giving us different proportions of the 12 archetypes.

o) The horoscope is like a seed which determines our personality, character and destiny, like software in our computer, or the Sim card in our mobile phone.

p) We receive our life script horoscope like a podcast, which we tend to copy slavishly, unless we become aware that we are being scripted, when we realise that we have free will to choose not to. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) said ‘A wise man rules his stars’.(3)

q) Astrology is the language by which we may interpret the meaning of our life force, as represented by the seed, and understand why we do what we do.

r) The 12 archetypes were created by division (like cells). The primal life force splits first into two, the yang (extrovert, male) and the yin (introvert, female).

s) The yang then splits into the two elements, fire and air, and the yin splits into the two elements, water and earth.

t) Each of the 4 element then splits into the 3 modalities, cardinal (initiation) fixed (maintenance) and mutable (destruction). The modalities determine the life cycles of living creatures. For example, our daily routine has a fixed period of night from around 10pm to 6am when we sleep, a mutable period from 6am to 2pm when our bodies eliminate waste, and we clear the decks for the cardinal phase from 2-10pm of initiation.

u) The result of these 3 divisions are the 12 archetypes: 1 Cardinal fire (Aries) 2 Fixed Earth (Taurus) 3 Mutable Air (Gemini)
4 Cardinal water (Cancer) 5 Fixed Fire (Leo) 6 Mutable Earth (Virgo)
7 Cardinal Air (Libra) 8 Fixed Water (Scorpio) 9 Mutable Fire (Sagittarius)
10 Cardinal Earth (Capricorn) 11 Fixed Air (Aquarius) 12 Mutable Water (Pisces)

v) The rising sign (ascendant) in our horoscope, is the sign which is rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of our birth, and brings in the subtle energy of that archetype.

w) The intuitive body of the aura is composed of the astrological element fire.

x) The mental body of the aura is composed of the astrological element air.

y) The emotional body of the aura is composed of the astrological element water.

z) The physical body is composed of the astrological element earth (matter)

5 Conclusions

a) The above 26 stepping stones form a possible mechanism for how astrology could work. It is not a causal link as in classical physics, but is an a-causal link as in quantum physics, by signal-less, non-locality communication, which is a scientifically proven phenomenon. However, the mechanism for many of these is a mystery, and have to be taken as an act of faith, as part of the mystery of life.

b) The saying ‘as above so below’ could be true, and the macrocosm (the positions of the planets) could affect human behaviour (the microcosm) by that mechanism.

c) Astrology is the science whereby the positions of the planets can be meaningfully interpreted to give meaning to the subtle energy of the time to help decision making. Eg Pluto going into Capricorn in 2008 explaining the credit crunch.

d) Conventional medicine, in only treating the physical (earth) body misses the three bodies of the aura, wherein most disease originates, on which I have written papers (7)

e) Astrology has explanatory power enabling a great leap forward in many fields, such as medicine, history, geography, on which I have written papers (1)

6 Recommendations

a) Trend-setting scientists should accept the proposed mechanism, drop their prejudice against astrology and correcting the anomaly in paragraph 2.

b) Grant giving research agencies should fund chairs and give grants to research topics suggested in the papers mentioned.

1 Papers by John Kapp on ‘Discovery of the Cause and Cure for my Arthritis’ section 9.11, ‘The Evidence Base for Astrology - Creation of calendars and latitude and longitude, section 9.22, ‘History Explained
2 TV programme by Prof Richard Dawkins ‘The Enemies of Reason’ 13.8.07
3 Book by Nicholas Campion
4 Book Cosmos and Psyche by Prof Richard Tarnas
5 Book God is not dead by Prof Amit Goswami, 2008
6 Book Water Sound Images by Alexander Lauterwasser 2002/2006 in English
7 Paper ‘NHS Physician Heal Thyself with Meditation’ by John Kapp in section 9.34 of

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