By John Kapp C.Eng, FIEE, MIMechE. 22, Saxon Rd, Hove BN3 4LE 01273 417997,
Patient representative since 2000. Member of National Association of LINk Members (NALM) steering group representing Sussex.
Former councillor and consulting engineer economist.                     2.1.10

1 Abstract
2 Context of this proposal
3 Theory to be tested – breakdowns are temporary
4 Context of the theory to be tested post Darzi – prevention of illness
5 What is the root cause of illness? Multiple transits which enable healing by dropping of limiting beliefs
6 Do conventional interventions do good?
7 Iatrogenesis through nocebos
8 My personal experience in support of this astrological theory
9 Astrology as a health diagnostic tool
10 Trial protocol
11 Trial staff
12 Conclusion – is it just placebo effect?
Appendix 1 Draft Flier promoting the trial
Appendix 2 Draft initial questionnaire

1 Abstract
This trial tests a theory that the root cause of health breakdowns is astrological transits, which are cyclical so get better without treatment after the transit end date. The participants of the trial would have ‘watchful waiting’ until 3 months after the transit end date to test the theory. The control group would have the conventional treatment. If the trial is successful, we will recommend that this intervention be commissioned in the NHS to prevent patients from the harm of un-necessary interventions, and to save taxpayers money.

2 Context of this proposal
Mr David Tredinnick MP for Bosworth, Leicestershire told a public meeting of the Astrological Association on 22.11.09 that he had made a speech in the House of Commons advocating the use of astrological interventions to save money in the NHS. The response of the Minister of Health was that if a proposal for a clinical research trial was made to her she would back it.
I have therefore written this proposal, and am willing to conduct the trial in Hove if a supervisor can be found.

3 Theory to be tested – breakdowns are temporary
The theory to be tested can be stated in various different ways as follows:
a) That health breakdowns are cyclical in nature, not permanent.
b) That health breakdowns are ‘caused’ by the positions of the planets. By ‘caused’ I do not mean the normal pushes and pulls of physical cause and effect. I mean that there is an a-causal link of synchronicity between planetary cycles and health breakdowns. This a-causal link is described in detail in another paper of mine (1)
c) That the time of onset and relief of a health breakdown can be explained and predicted by astrological transits. Definitions of the technical terms of astrology used in this proposal can be found in any textbook of astrology, and in a paper of mine (2)
d) That there is a correlation between the date of onset and recovery of health breakdowns with hard aspect transits (conjunctions, oppositions, and squares) of planets with their natal positions in the horoscope.
e) That the transits particularly to be studied in this trial are those of the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and those that are intensified with simultaneous other transits (known as multiple, eg double, triple, quadruple etc whammy transits).
f) That when the multiple transit is applying (approaching) with an orb of 3 degrees the patient will tend to get ill, and when it is separating (receding) with an orb of 1 degree the patient will tend to start getting better automatically, provided that he or she does not have conventional treatment that interferes with the self-healing process (as described in detail in paragraphs 6 and 7 below).

4 Context of the theory to be tested post Darzi – prevention of illness
The patient’s priority for treatment is to cure his illness and return to normal health. To effect a cure the root cause of the illness must be identified and eliminated, but that is not easily done as there are many intermediate causes before the root cause. Conventional medicine was not concerned to know the causes of illness until the Darzi reforms of 2008. Despite its name, the NHS had hitherto been a sickness service whose job was to treat illness, treating patients’ bodies like machines which needed to be fixed.

Pre Darzi, doctors were like car mechanics, employed to fix crashed cars and get them back on the road. Like car mechanics, it was not their job to be concerned to enquire into the cause of how the car came to be crashed. They were trained in the Decartian paradigms of materialism (matter is the only reality) reductionism (the whole is the sum of its parts) and mechanism (people are machines) Faulty machines never get better on their own, so always need external interventions to be fixed.

However, post Darzi, the government now requires the NHS to prevent illness as well as to treat it. This is like asking car mechanics to prevent crashes as well as fixing crashed cars. If the government asked car mechanics to prevent accidents, they would not have been able to give an enlightening reply beyond telling people to ‘take care’. This also applies to NHS staff.

Telling others to ‘take care’ is what everyone now says instead of ‘goodbye’. Friends, relatives and lovers spend much of their lives telling others to take care, but that good advice is seldom heeded, as there is much secondary gain from falling ill. Doctors simply do not have time to go into the elusive causes of illness. Nevertheless, every patient knows that something must have caused them to fall ill when they did, and are frustrated when doctors admit: ‘we don’t know what caused your breakdown.’ This proposal gives patients a possible reason – astrological transits - and tests whether it is true or not.

5 What is the root cause of illness? Multiple transits which enable healing by dropping of limiting beliefs
An ancient belief still held today is that the root cause of illness is fate or destiny as meted out by God or the Gods. The planets (including the Sun and Moon) have always been seen as the representatives of the Gods. The 7 days of the week are named after the visible planets. (3) For thousands of years astrology has been scientifically correlating the position of the planets with human affairs. The theory to be tested is basically the fundamental axiom that astrology works; that there are meaningful correlations to be found between the position of the planets and all aspects of human life, including sickness.

For medical research scientists to consider this proposal seriously requires them to zoom out to a wider viewpoint than the politically correct narrow conventional Decartian paradigm of our body as a machine that can be meaningfully isolated from all the other influences in which it lives. As Hamlet said: ‘There are more things in heaven and earth than are known in your philosophies, Horatio.’ Science has been discovering them in quantum physics (4), neuro-physiology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI) consciousness research (5) and other cutting–edge fields. However, orthodox medicine is slow to assimilate new ideas, like orthodox religion.

The modern scientific view is that our body is not separate from our mind, and peoples’ condition and health depends on their relationships with others and their environment. It confirms John Donne’s poem: ‘No man is an island, but part of the main.’ People are integral parts of organic systems consisting of families, clans, tribes, companies, communities, nations, humanity, and all living creatures. None of us can live on this planet without the light of the sun, or without the life force which comes from beyond it; the solar system, our galaxy and the universe. Astrology recognises the fact that life force changes with the positions of the planets.

The new NHS requirement of preventing illness and promoting wellness cannot be done under the Victorian limiting belief systems of the materialist paradigm, and its corresponding model of people as separate tinmen. It can only be done by adopting the wider holistic paradigm of body, mind, soul, spirit, and environment, and the corresponding model of people as computer systems. I have written other papers on this subject (6) the main issues of which I summarise in table 1 below.



Material or non-material reality


Computer system metaphor



Body (the soul made visible incarnate)




Mind (ego)




Soul (individuated life force)




Spirit (the life force, consciousness)



Material and non-material

Environment within our planet within our solar system, galaxy and universe which is the source of the life force and consciousness

Technology, industrial revolution, Renaissance etc

NHS physicians that seek to help others to prevent illness must first walk their talk by preventing illness in themselves. This is a tall order, as doctors are the sickest members of society, with above average addictions and a decade shorter life expectation, caused by their Victorian limiting belief system. Whoever we are, to prevent illness we have to ‘take care’ to avoid the causes of illness. We cannot do this until we can recognise both where the causes of illness are to be found, and what they are.

The causes of illness are not to be found in our material bodies, but in our non-material minds. The causes are limiting beliefs, like faulty software. Conventional treatments on your body are like hitting your hard-drive with a hammer when you need new software. To cure limiting beliefs and heal ourselves, we have to go beyond the mind to the source of our life force and our health (levels 3,4 and 5),. We can only do that by getting out of our mind into an altered state of consciousness. This is called meditation, and is the active healing ingredient in a few talking therapies and most complementary and alternative therapies.

Astrology acknowledges that life and health is not to be taken for granted as a given, but is an undeserved gift from existence, level 5. Astrology is an ancient language by which we can talk about the variable source of the life force and consciousness. Learning that language is like learning computer programming in machine code so that we can understand and help fix faulty software, and hence prevent and cure illness.

We learn that multiple transits cause breakdowns which are both crises and opportunities. They are not punishments, but times when it is easier to drop limiting beliefs and change lifestyle. This effects healing and a permanent cure.

6 Do conventional interventions do good?
It is a well known and well researched phenomenon that most conditions cure themselves in time without treatment. The word ‘patient’ describes the attitude that is required, namely that of patience to wait until time heals and you get better. Voltaire is reputed to have said that the doctor’s job is to keep the patient amused while nature does the healing. Before the NHS was created in 1948 all but the most serious conditions went untreated and most people got better by themselves. Everyone had to pay for treatment, and most treatments available today were not available then. However, it is a surprising fact that the nation was healthier then than it is now.

A report published for the NHS diamond jubilee year celebrations (2008) asked: ‘In which year in the 20th century were the British people healthiest?’ The researchers found that it was 1944. The civilian population got hardly any healthcare because doctors were tending the war-wounded. In other countries when doctors have gone on strike, health improved.

The health of a nation seems to be in inverse proportion to what is spent on healthcare as a proportion of GDP. USA spends 15% and is the sickest nation, with iatrogenesis (doctor-induced disease) having become the biggest single killer, having overtaken heart disease and cancer, killing 800,000 people pa which is 0.3% pa. (7) We in the UK used to spend 5% in 1997, but we now spend 9% and are collectively sicker (eg increased alcohol abuse, obesity) Our death rate from iatrogenesis was 40,000 pa in 2000, or 0.07%pa, (8) which is one fifth of the rate in USA, but our rate probably increased in the last 10 years.

These statistics show that some of today’s conventional interventions do more harm than good. Patients would be better off untreated. The Hippocratic oath is honoured more in the breach than the observance. However, this is counter-intuitive to the generally held belief that all NHS interventions are beneficial. Clever marketing by the world’s most profitable industry (drugs) has made most people clamour for more interventions at taxpayer’s expense. This clamour has created crisis of staffing and funding in the NHS, with Wannless recommending a 50% increase in staff which would require 50% more funding which the nation cannot afford.

The combination of free conventional treatment at taxpayers expense, and media coverage of drug company spin exploiting our fear of illness has created the ‘Prozac nation’, as Patricia Hewitt MP called it in a keynote speech in May 2006, when she was Secretary of State for health. We now tend to go to the doctor at the first signs of illness, and are too impatient to be ‘patient’. We now regard health as a right (not a blessing) and expect the State to fix us at public expense no matter how we abuse our bodies with stressful lifestyles. The result is doctor-induced disease (iatrogenesis) in the following subtle way.

7 Iatrogenesis through nocebos
If doctors miss a symptom of a serious condition (eg cancer) they risk being sued and/or being struck off the register for negligence. This results in ‘defensive medicine’ in which worried doctors always see the worst that could happen. To cover their backs, they send their patients for many diagnostic tests, which are seldom fully definitive of either health or illness. There is often some lingering doubt that illness may still be lurking, so the doctor speaks in a worried tone, creating anxiety in the patient that he may have a dreaded long term condition (LTC) which has not yet been found.

As mentioned above, doctors were trained in a mechanistic paradigm that people are machines, which if faulty do not get better on their own. They therefore tend to tell their patients that their condition will not get better on its own. This plants a negative limiting belief, (known as a ‘nocebo’ - the opposite of a placebo) in the patient’s mind, which makes them anxious that their condition will not get better on its own. We are all susceptible to suggestion, particularly from doctors. If we believe a nocebo it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, and the condition obliges by not getting better on its own because we worry that it won’t. We create our own reality.

The patient of course wants to get better so goes back to the doctor to say that the condition has not got better, and to ask for the conventional treatment, (drugs and perhaps surgery). These interventions put additional stresses on the body with side effects, reducing the immune system. The natural self-healing ability is inhibited, reinforcing the prophesy that the condition will not get better, even with the treatment.

For the condition to get better permanently (be cured) the cause of the condition must be identified and removed. The cause of health conditions and breakdowns is multi-causal, (a long string of causes and effects) which can be eventually traced back to a limiting belief which locks the patient into an over-ambitious lifestyle which stresses the body beyond its limits, such as the belief that ‘There Is No Alternative (TINA) to my job, relationship, home, situation, etc’

The purpose of the symptoms (ultimately breakdown) is to make the patient drop the over-ambitious lifestyle which is causing his illness. The treatment intervention neither identifies nor removes the cause, but just relieves the symptoms, so the stressful lifestyle can continue. This reduces or removes the incentive to change the lifestyle. The treatment therefore no only does not cure the condition, but is actually counter-productive to curing the condition, so prevents a cure from happening.

The patient’s body still has his original symptoms, although they are masked by drug no 1. This drug has side effects which requires drug no 2 to counteract them, and drug no 3 to counteract the side effects of drug no 2 etc. The patient ends up a prescription drug addict, with all the side effects of all the drugs he is on, plus his original symptoms. The outcome of the treatment is therefore worse that the disease, in that his body still has the disease and additionally has to continually detoxify the poison of the drugs. This is the polar opposite of what the patient wants, and thought that he was getting, and also the polar opposite of what the taxpayer thought that he was paying for in his taxes. The drug companies have pulled off a con trick on nearly all the world. (9)

UK statistics show that adverse drug reactions (ADRs) cause the hospitalisation of a million patients and kill 40,000 of them each year. (8) Long term conditions (LTC) (such as cardio-vascular disease, cancer, asthma, diabetes, arthritis and ME) now afflict 15 million in UK. This is 30% of the population, whose lives are blighted by being put permanently on medication for the rest of their lives. The NHS is good business for drug companies, at the expense of patients and taxpayers.

If our hypothetical patient had not gone to his doctor, but listened to his symptoms and changed his lifestyle, his illness would have gone by itself, and he and the nation would be far better off. However, we cannot instantly turn around a super tanker that his been steaming at full speed in the wrong direction for a century. We need to make small changes in course to bring it round gradually. This proposal does this in a subtle way using astrology, which although not recognised yet by science, has surprising resonance with the public. Nearly every daily newspaper has an astrology column, and 90% of the population know their sun sign.

8 My personal experience in support of this astrological theory
This theory is based on my own personal experience of having had 7 breakdowns in physical health over the last 40 years due to attacks of what was diagnosed as glandular fever, ankolosing spondylitis, osteo-arthritis, and osteoporosis. The timings of these breakdowns are summarised below in table 2, together with the transits that caused them.


Breakdown number

Month/year of onset and ending

My age

Diagnosis or part affected



12.69 - 5.70


Glandular fever

Saturn conjunct Uranus on my natal Uranus Neptune square my natal Uranus


2.92 - 5.92



Neptune conjunct Uranus on natal Mars Pluto on my natal Sun


3.00 - 4.00


Lower back pain

Neptune square my natal Uranus Saturn conjunct my natal Mercury


7.04 - 12.04


Collapsed right hip

Uranus on my natal Saturn Mars on my Ascendant Saturn trine my natal Sun


3.05 - 6.05


Inflamed right knee

Uranus on my Ascendant Saturn trine my natal Sun Mars on my descendent


8.06 - 3.07


Inflamed left knee

Saturn square my natal Sun Uranus on my Descendent


2.09 - 10.09


Inflamed left ankle

Triple Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter square my natal Sun. Saturn conjunct my natal Neptune.Uranus opposed Saturn trining my natal Sun, Mars on my Descendent

My perception of myself is that I have had poor and worsening health since I was 57, as shown in table 2. Over the last 6 years since I was 68 I was in breakdown for a total 2 years, or one third of the time. This can be accounted for by my age, and astrologically because I have Saturn in my 6th house of health. I have had private health insurance since 1980 so have not had to wait for either diagnosis or treatment. I had acute anaemia in 1984-5, hernia operations in 1988 and 2001, and treatment for iritis in 1990 and 2001. My right hip collapsed on 21.11.04 (breakdown 4). I was told that it was degenerative and would never get better unless I had a replacement right hip, which I had on 13.10.04.

I got an inflamed right knee in April 05 (breakdown 5) and I was seriously disabled by it, not being able to walk more than a few hundred yards at a slow pace, and unable to drive a car. I was told by my doctor that was degenerative and would never get better unless I had a replacement knee. My wife is a professional astrologer, and suggested that it might be caused by my double whammy transits of Saturn and Uranus, so might recover by itself when the transit passed at the end of June 05. Accordingly I declined cortisone injections and the operation, and followed watchful waiting. My right knee did in fact recover by itself from the date predicted, and has been healthy ever since.

My left knee became inflamed in Aug 07 (breakdown 6) when I became disabled again. I was seen by the same doctor in Sept 07 and he told me the same message. Again my wife told me that it might be caused by transits which would pass in March 08, so I again declined the operation. When the transit passed my left knee did indeed get better and has been healthy ever since.

9 Astrology as a health diagnostic tool
I am grateful for my wife’s intervention of telling me that my inflamed knees were ‘caused’ by transits because they enabled me to avoid un-necessary operations. A friend of mine (David Howard) had operations on his knees which failed, leaving him bedridden. I wondered whether my earlier breakdowns could be explained by transits, so I analysed them with the help of diaries, and wrote them up in a report and appendix dated 1.7.07 entitled ‘Discovery of the Cause and Cure for my Arthritis’ (2) The report shows that the timing of the onset and relief of all 6 breakdowns are closely correlated to double or more whammy transits of the outer planets with my natal planets.

In March 2009 my left ankle became inflamed (breakdown 7) until Oct 09, which also corresponded to similar multiple whammy transits. I have written that up, but have not yet published it. The benefit of this astrological advice is the knowledge that contrary to my doctor’s nocebos, my condition is not permanent, but will pass as the transit passes. I can plan my life accordingly, which gives me patience to bear my condition with hope for recovery in the future.

Although I called my breakdowns ‘wheelclamps’ because they restricted my lifestyle, they made it easier for me to meditate. Every day I seemed to get revalations which gave me new attitudes. Limiting beliefs and compulsive habits and obsessions fell away by themselves, giving me the ‘peace which passeth understanding’ (ie beyond the mind) This is what healing is, and it feels as if I have downloaded new software which works better than the old (like Windows 7 instead of Windows Vista).

I have been a patient representative in the NHS for the last 10 years, and have met many patients during that time, and heard about their breakdowns. I believe that my experience is not unique to me, and that if other patients had astrological reports they would also find that their breakdowns would correlate with their transits. This knowledge would also give them patience to bear their breakdowns as temporary with more hope for future recovery of normal health. This is why I am proposing this trial.

I am also proposing a trial of and ‘enhanced Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course (10), This 8 week course which is approved by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) as an alternative to antidepressants. I realise that going on this and other meditation courses was an essential part of my healing journey.

10 Trial protocol
The trial would be offered to patients presenting to GPs with a recent breakdown of health for which they have not yet started treatment. It does not matter whether the breakdown is physical (eg arthritis, ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or mental (eg Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, psychotic, bipolar, schizophrenic) There are no contra-indications to participating in this trial as the intervention is non-invasive, and could be described as suggesting a trivial idea (that their breakdown was caused by astrological transits).

Those who agree to go on the trial and fill in and submit their form could start at once with a short interview (lasting say 15 minutes) with the trial manager who would go through the questionnaire (see appendix) providing details of their breakdown and the date of its onset, and their date, and time and place of birth. The questionnaire would be forwarded to a consultant astrologer who would not see the patient, but would enter the birth data into a computer programme which would create their horoscope. The transits that are thought to have caused their breakdown would be identified, together with the ‘transit end date’ that the transit will pass. This work is estimated to take about 15 minutes per participant. The results would be recorded on the form, and the transit end date would be communicated to the participant in writing.

Patients volunteering would be told at the interview the conditions of the trial, which are that they have to adopt a ‘watchful waiting’ regime and not to have any conventional treatment until the transit end date has passed. However, they would also be told that they can change their minds at any time and have conventional treatment provided that they tell the trial manager when they would be switched to the control group or fall out of the trial.

The first say 25 patients interviewed who accept the conditions would be put into the trial group, and the first say 25 who want to have the conventional treatment would be put into the control group.

Both trial and control groups (say 50) would be asked to fill in a questionnaire each month saying how they are, which they would send it to the trial manager by e mail or post. Together with the initial questionnaires this would provide the raw data for the trial. The data would be analysed as follows. The date that patients reported getting better would be checked against the transit end date for both groups. If a significant proportion of either group got better at around the transit end date the theory would be vindicated. However, if there is no significant correlation between the transit end date and the date that the participants got better, the theory would be refuted.

11 Trial staff
I am willing to manage the trial, and my wife Phoebe Wyss is willing to be the consultant astrologer. We would like to find a research supervisor who would monitor the conduct of the trial and validate the results. We also need GPs who are willing to hand out leaflets to patients to recruit participants. I am willing to ask my GP, Dr Duncan Wells of Wish Park Surgery, 124, New Church Rd Hove BN3 4JB tel 01273 729194. This is close to my home.

12 Conclusion – is it just placebo effect?
This clinical research trial would give patients a harmless astrological intervention relating their breakdown in health to planetary cycles, and predicting the transit end date when they will start getting better if the theory is true. This intervention may or may not be believed by the patient. If they do believe it they may get better simply because they believed it (by the placebo effect). If they do not believe it they may still get better as predicted. Even if they do not get better, the intervention will not do them any harm. At worst it will suggest the idea that their health condition is cyclical and will get better by itself, which is a placebo, and is better than the conventional nocebo that their condition is permanent and will never get better by itself.

If a statistically significant proportion of patients on the trial do better than the control group, it would confirm the astrological theory of the cyclical nature of health breakdowns and their correlation with transits. We would then forward the trial report to NHS commissioners with the recommendation that they commission this astrological intervention to increase patient satisfaction and reduce the number of un-necessary interventions and cost to the NHS.

1 Paper by John Kapp ‘How does Astrology Work? Section 9.36 of A revision of this paper, called ‘If people are puppets of the planets, show me the strings – The mechanism by which astrology works’ is in course of preparation, and will be substituted soon.
2 Paper by John Kapp ‘Discovery of the Cause and Cure of my Arthritis’ section 9.11, and 9.12 (astrological appendix) of
3 Paper by John Kapp ‘The evidence Base for Astrology’ section 9.22 of
4 Book ‘God Is Not Dead’ by Dr Amit Goswami, former professor emeritus at the University of Oregon Institute of Theoretical Physics. 2008
5 Book ‘Science and the Akashic Field – An Integral Theory of Everything’ by Ervin Laszlo, founder and president of the Club of Budapest. 2004 second edition 2007.
6 Papers by John Kapp ‘Saving the Planet by promoting a Paradigm Shift from Materialism to Holism’ 9.19 and ‘ NHS Physician Heal Thyself with Meditation’ 9.34 of
7 Dr Gary Null et al ‘Death by Medicine’
8 Programme on TV Nov 2000, ‘Why doctors make mistakes’ showing that 40,000 people were then killed each year by mistake in UK.
9 Book ‘The truth about the drug industry ‘ by Dr Maria Angell, 2009
10 ‘Proposal for a clinical trial of an Enhanced Sandwich MBCT course’ section 9.41 of

The following appendices are in pdf format requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Appendix 1 Draft Flier promoting the trial (to be distributed to GPs to give to their patients)

Appendix 2 Draft initial questionaire To be attached to the draft flier

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