By John Kapp, MBCT course facilitator and patient representative. Former Secretary of Mindfulness Interest Network (MIN) Sussex. Former Local Involvement Network (LINK) member for Sussex on the National Association of LINk Members (NALM) representing Sussex. Secretary of SECTCo (Social Enterprise Complementary Therapy Company, ).
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Astrology is the oldest science, and is founded on the axiom that the energy of the life force (spirit, chi, prana, ka) motivates human behaviour, and changes with time (known as ‘zeitgeist’ ‘spirit of the time’) This changing motivation over the Great Ages of astrology can be used as a dating tool for the construction of monuments. Applying it to Egypt, I conclude that: a) The sphinx was built about 11.000 years ago (between 9,600BC and 8900BC), during the mutable phase of the age of Leo. Its purpose was a job creation scheme to harness the power of the people in the mutable phase of the Leo archetype (fixed fire, power) when the polarity (Aquarius, fixed air, power to the people) predominated (as it does in the present age). b) The pyramids and temples (such as Dendera) were built 2 millennia later (between 7,500BC and 6,800BC) in the mutable phase of the next age of Cancer, (cardinal water) when the polarity sign Capricorn (cardinal earth, building of eternal structures) predominated. c) The rock art on the walls of the temples was cut 2 millennia later, (between 5,300-4,600BC), in the mutable phase of the next age of Gemini (mutable air, communication) when the polarity sign Sagittarius (mutable fire, spirituality) predominated. d) The elaborate tombs were built 2 millennia later (between 3,200-2,500BC) during the mutable phase of the next age of Taurus, (fixed earth, possessions) when the polarity sign, Scorpio (fixed water, death and afterlife) predominated.

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