9.61 Curing the NHS by removing the glass wall (silo) between Patient and Public Involvement rhetoric and practice in research

Paper for SPFT Research department (Dr Mark Hayward)

1 Recommendation for a culture shift
2 My experience of PPI generally
3 Glass wall (silo) mentality
4 The health regulators are at last being held to account
5 My experience of PPI in SPFT research
6 My experience of SPFT’s mental health service
7 The crisis in the NHS
8 My suggestion to revive the Mindfulness Interest Network (MIN) within the new Sussex Mindfulness Centre
9 What other mindfulness centres provide for the community
10 News. Shortest waiting time (a few weeks) for mindfulness courses in Swindon
11 Proposed research trials for patient benefit
12 Principles of welcoming PPI in research
13 Research project to test this ‘glass wall’ hypothesis Draft questionnaire on staff attitude to suggestions made by service users
14 Hypothesis about the cause of the glass wall – paternalism
15 Proposed agenda for my meeting with Mark Hayward
Appendix 1 Correspondence with members of SPFT staff
Appendix 2 Minutes of 18 meetings of Sussex Mindfulness Interest Network (MIN) from 2007-11 .

1 Recommendation for a culture shift
To comply with Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust (SPFT) admirable rhetoric about welcoming patient and public involvement (PPI, its leaders should change the staff culture from ignoring to welcoming suggestions from patients and the public for research and improvements to services, by following this procedure:
1 Acknowledge every suggestion with a 'thank you'.
2 Ensure that all points are considered seriously by the appropriate manager.
3 Reply stating when the suggestion is to be implemented, or if not, why not. Manifest the above procedure regarding the suggestions that I have made by:
  a) Recreating the Mindfulness Interest Network initiated and run by Brenda Roberts and Fergal Jones from about 2004-7, and maintained by me and others until 2011, when it folded for lack of a SPFT chairman.
  b) Initiate a trial of Osho dynamic meditation with a view to getting it NICE-recommended.
  c) Initiate a trial of Hellinger Family Constellation group therapy with a view to getting it NICE-recommended.
  d) Initiate a trial to test my hypothesis that the ‘glass wall’ between staff and patients is part of the cause of the NHS crisis of low staff morale and low patient confidence.

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