9.65 The NHS Enigma – Denial of its Sickness and Refusal to Take its Medicine of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

9.65 Paper for Health and Wellbeing Board and NHS commissioners       23.10.13
By John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE, 01273 417997
Secretary of Wish Park Patient Participation Group (PPG)

1    Summary conclusion – paternalism is keeping the NHS sick and in crisis
2    Recommendation – engage properly with patients
3    Government statutory requirements for PPI
4    ‘Involvement’ did not involve patients, public or staff
5    PPI is incompatible with paternalism
6    NHS constitution, which became statute law on 21.1.10
7    PPI rhetoric by Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group
8    Cross party support for Rewiring Public Services
9    Our CCG’s response to the Francis report, which calls for PPI at the heart of
      decision making
10    NHS England launches revolutionary plan to get patients more involved in their care
11    Friends and family test extended
12    Holism – a better way of knowing - how the British Holistic Medical Associaton (BHMA)
      sees the Berwick report
13    Conclusion – just do PPI
14    References

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