by     JOHN KAPP (Vivek)

17th March 2005

1 Author
I have been doing Osho’s meditations and meditation therapies regularly for 3 years, and they have transformed my life for the better, curing my obsessional neuroses, making me more contented and easier to live with. I want to share these simple, cost-effective remedies, so I lead them as drop-ins at Planet Janet café in Hove, and have offered to lead them in a local mental hospital for the staff. This article tries to explain the process to doctors, hoping to get them accepted.

2 Synopsis / abstract
Osho (1931-90) was an Indian academic and mystic who took the new science of consciousness forward by a great leap. He exposed how religious conditioning has reduced all humanity from intrinsically loving and healthy, to worried and dis-eased. He designed many therapeutic meditations, which are cost-effective, self-administered complementary therapies. They free us from the prison of our minds, open us up to silence and love, and change our lives from hell to heaven. He created a library of evidence for them, documented in over 7,000 digitally recorded discourses, which have been transcribed and compiled into published books with over 1,900. titles available (more than any other author in history.) translated into 42 languages, New titles continue to be launched daily.

3 What is the scope of this paper?
35 questions and answers, ordered to give a message, defining terms, defining mankind’s dis-ease, describing Osho’s remedy, a rational scientific explanation for it, comparisons with religious based meditations, and details of places where people can try his remedies, (My emphasis is in italics, and quotes of Osho’s words are written in ‘italics’ between quote marks)

4 What is the message?
Osho meditations are cost-effective, self-administered, complementary therapies for everyone’s dis-ease, (including feeling up-tight, fallen apart, lack of energy, isolated, fearful, lonely, anxious, unworthy, unloved, unloving, miserable, depressed, frustrated, angry, violent, jealous, greedy, miserly, ashamed, ill etc) If doctors were open enough to try them, they could heal themselves, and then refer their patients. This could cascade to cure the crisis in the NHS to everyone’s benefit. Only minimal resources are required: a meditation leader (not a therapist) to start a group off, the CDs, books and a safe space to do them regularly.

5 What do you mean by ‘evidence base’?
As I am seeking approval for their use for staff support in the NHS, hence taxpayers money, I take a scientific definition of evidence base. This is to give a rational explanation of how and why the remedy works. I have heard that they have been successfully tried in prisons, but I am not aware of any published randomised control trials. I am willing to organise a trial, if a sample population were provided. I have met hundreds of people who were doing Osho meditations and who spoke of their benefits, and believe that the evidence of their own experience should be accepted.

6 What is meditation?
The words ‘meditation’ and ‘medicine’ share the same root (latin ‘medici’, to heal) Medicine heals the body and meditation heals the soul. Meditation is an altered (non-ordinary) state of consciousness, in which in relaxation, thoughts lose their normal power over us, and deep healing can occur. The knack of getting into the meditative sate can be learned by going to classes. Osho meditations are scientifically designed for the contemporary man and woman to make it easy to learn, and therapeutically effective as a remedy for our dis-ease.

‘Meditation means putting the mind aside so that it no longer interferes with reality and you can see things as they are’

7 Who are you? (your higher self)
When I write ‘you’ or ‘we’ I mean that part of you or us which is in charge of (ie operator of) our body (hardware), mind, (software) and heart (feelings, experience). It is an elusive concept, as it is in the spiritual, not physical, world. It has many names in the literature, such as higher self, spirit, soul, awareness, consciousness, witness, being, life force, source, intrinsic nature, Buddha nature, noumen (Greek), prana (Sanscrit), god, God, diathete (R.O.Kapp), centre, hara (Japanese. To commit hara kiri, you cut the ‘silver thread’ which like an umbilical cord connects your hara to your life source, the cosmic energy field).

8 What is disease?
Literally dis-ease, when our mind is no longer at ease with our spirit. We have ‘fallen apart’ ie our spirit and mind have become dis-harmonious, with tensions or demons affecting our body. We become healed when we have ‘pulled ourselves together’ holistically, so that we become holy and whole. The word ‘psychosomatic’ is Greek for soul body, implying that the former can be the cause of disease in the latter.

9 What is the cause and cure of dis-ease?
Quantum physics now sees us as constantly flowing life energy, (thought) some of which condenses into matter (body) Conditioning, (programming, hypnotising) of the mind, can block some of that life energy, which affects the soul (as in a ‘soul-destroying’ job, relationship, childhood) and the body, where it manifests as feelings and symptoms. Osho meditations de-hypnotises (re-programmes) us, removes the cause by unblocking the life energy, and cures our dis-ease.

10 What is the difference between truth and belief?

  • our truth is what our spirit experiences in the present through our feelings, It is what we ‘know’in our heart, bones, which is deep, hard wired, unshakeable.
  • our faith or beliefs, are the borrowed knowledge which is in our mind (head), which we acquired through learning. This is superficial, and can be easily overturned by doubts. What is in our minds is never in the present, but always in the past or the future.
  • Our truth can be very different, even the opposite, of what is in our mind (ego) which creates the image we want. ‘By their deeds ye shall know them’ (not their words).

11 What is trust and love?
In everyone’s heart, trust and love are intrinsic, like water (or energy) at the bottom of a well. They can be observed in babies and small children who trust and love instinctively. However, conditionings (with issues such as fear, anger, jealousy, guilt) are like rocks, blocking access to the water, (the energy) closing down our natural feelings, preventing us from trusting or loving ourself. (and others) Mouthing ‘I trust you’, or ‘I love you’, may be false , being our mind’s way of fogging or deceiving the other (and may be also ourselves) as portrayed in films.

12 What is wisdom?
The fool’s advice to King Lear was ‘thou needst must be wise before you are old’ A wise man is one who has seen through the fogs of his mind, and knows his truths (through meditation), He has created a harmony between his body, mind, heart and soul, becoming a master of his mind. However, due to our conditioning, we may be a slave to our unconscious minds, and our parts disharmonious. If, deep down we do not accept ourselves as trusty, worthy or loving, we cannot accept anyone else as trusty, worthy or loving. Many people have been conditioned to hate themselves, so no wonder they cannot love.

‘It is very difficult to see one’s own faults: only a man who loves himself can see them. Don’t listen to others, what they say about you. See yourself, who you are, where you are, what your faults are. And the miracle is that seeing a fault, through your own awareness, dissolves it.’

13 What does the meditative state feel like?
In this altered state of consciousness we can become aware (‘know’) our intrinisic nature (the water in our well) which is trusting, loving, bliss, ecstacy, heaven, We feel entranced, blissed out, having a bliss attack, orgasmic, at peace with existence which ‘passeth understanding’.(is beyond our mind). Nothing matters any more, as if we had stopped the world and got off. It is called the ‘no mind’ state, because we have stopped the tensions or demons in our unconscious mind.

We all ‘know’, but have forgotten, the meditative state because we experienced it in the womb, and also as a small child before tensions and demons were put in our mind. It can be observed in babies’ blissful, Buddha-like smiles, and the vibrant joy of children playing and giggling together. It is also sometimes observable in animals.

14 How did we lose the ability to go into the meditative state?
Our childhood conditioning civilised us and developed our mind to take control of our free spirit, (taming the terrible two’s). From then on it was no longer free, but we became a slave to our minds. It hypnotised us into a trance-like, dreaming state. It makes us believe that the world of our mind is our reality.

We can easily see this paradox in others, it being obvious that others’ problems which create their misery are only in their attitude of mind. We cannot understand why they cannot change, even when we have pointed it out to them. They cannot get themselves out of their hypnotised state. Only when.we get into the no-mind state of meditation, does the ‘penny drop’ and this paradox is explained We realise that what we thought was reality was in fact illusion. like a dream.

‘There is no need of any hope, and there is no need to feel hopeless. Live here now. Life is tremendously blissful, it is showering here, and you are looking somewhere else.’

15 How can you regain the meditative state?truth and true self.

Our egos served us well when we were young, finding our place in society. However, the older we get the more it serves us ill, by creating our hell. When we have dropped our ego we can live and die in silence, contentment and peace.

‘Dropping the mind means dropping the past, and with it of course the future disappears. Dropping the mind means that you are suddenly awakened into the present, and the present is the only reality there is.’

16 How can we follow Osho’s spiritual path?

  • Do his meditations to open us up to silence, by cartharting out the rubbish of our conditioning. and cutting the root of our ego. It constantly needs feeding with the energy of our incessant thoughts, so we can cut the root by going into silence and avoiding ego trips.
  • Do his meditative group therapies to open our hearts up again to love.and trust, removing the ‘rocks’ that our conditioning put down our ‘well’, so that we can get to the ‘water’ again.(the energy can flow again).
  • Read his books, which are guided visualisations, challenging us to drop all our beliefs which create our hell.

17 Brain waves
The different states of consciousness can be measured as brain waves of different patterns when we are wired up to an EEG machine.. In our normal waking state, we think with beta waves of about 20 Hz When we are creating visual images, they are alpha waves of about 10Hz . During dreaming sleep and meditation they are theta waves of about 5 Hz In deep, dreamless sleep, and in the deepest meditation, when we feel ‘all is one’ and connected to everything, they are delta waves of about 2 Hz Ideally they should occur with equal amplitude in both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.(ie in harmony) However, most people are not balanced, but use one side more than the other, ie are ‘half-wits’.

18 Half-wits left brained half-wits, with nearly all their thinking occurring as beta waves on the left (male) hemisphere. Their EEG looks like a letter q, as there is very little happening on their right side. Women who live in their emotions (hearts) tend to be the opposite, like a letter p, with little happening on their left side.

If you are a left brained half-wit, you will be good at fixing things, but your feeling side (your heart) is under developed, closed off or even shut down. If you are a right brained half-wit, your feelings rule your life, but you cannot get or keep anything together. In the old days, marriages between half-wits could work tolerably well, and one spoke of the other as ‘my other half’. He did all the fixing, and she did all the feeling. Wives were a mother-substitute for the man, and husbands were a father-substitute for the woman, so fitted well together.

However, the women’s liberation movement has conditioned women that they have to be as or more masculine than men. This tends to dis-empower, or even mentally castrate their man. It has driven both sexes further into their heads, and away from their hearts, resulting in the current craze for virtual lives with partners who do not even physically meet. Many young people seem conditioned to believe that fulfilling man/woman relationships are impossible. If they try, breakdowns are inevitable, which may be a self-fulfilling prophesy.

19 Osho’s vision of new relationships is the antithesis of this. His life’s work was to create a new man and woman, freed from the prison of their conditioning, who he calls ‘Zorba the Buddha’ combining the life-affirming sensuousness of Zorba the Greek (eat drink and be merry) with the silence and peace of Gautam the Buddha. What we all want is to lead healthy, happy lives, in good relationships with everyone. To do this we need to be able to think at will with brain waves which are both balanced left and right, and through the full frequency range, beta to delta (30-1Hz). Our EEG would then look like a tree with delta wave roots and 3 balanced branches of theta, alpha and beta waves either side, see diagram.

This is the theory, and you can bring it about through Osho therapeutic meditations, described below.
‘Only two meditators can live in love’

20 Consciousness changing drugs
People from every culture and every age have always sought remedies to change the state of their consciousness from anxiety to peace. Drugs have always been used, such as the recreational ones (alcohol, nicotine, soft, hard) and more recently prescription ones (such as valium, Prozac) They calm you down, while the drug is in your system. They have side-effects which may endanger your health and cause dependency and addiction. They take away the power in your mind which creates your hell, but they do not give that power to you, but keep it to themselves.

21 Drug-free methods
The only drug-free, (ie safe) method to change your state of consciousness is meditation. When you have learned the knack you gain the power to live in a permanent state of heaven. It has an evidence base of efficacy going back thousands of years, having been the basis of religious practice of the east.

All the eastern religions use meditation, (eg yoga which is based in Hinduism, and Buddhism) There is evidence that Jesus went to India at the age of 13, and became a Buddhist and enlightened, coming home aged 30. The early Christians were meditators, (the Coptics still are) but the leaders of the church of Rome prohibited its use, as they found that it freed people from their dependence on the priests.

Western religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, promote prayer.and forbid meditation. As their influence is waning, meditation is gaining popularity in the west. You can observe the effect of prayer or meditation on the faces of the people in the street. Prayer (eg in America, Europe) seems to promote competition. Meditation (eg in India, Thailand, Tibet) seems to promote co-operation.

22 Religious based meditation.
It is good that meditation is being imported to the west from the east, as it is badly needed as a drug free remedy for stress. However it may be taught for the same reason as religious education, namely to promote the belief system of that religion.. The root of the word ‘religion’ means ‘that which captures’

Religious leaders proselytise for their faith (which is in their heads) because deep down in their heart they have doubts about whether their scriptures are really true. They try to convert you to convince themselves that they are right to believe, on the basis that N million of them cannot be wrong.

As people in the west are disillusioned with Christianity, but still seek something more to life than materialism, a new market has opened up for eastern religious leaders. Meditation may be a door to collect converts, or customers to rebranded versions. These may be spiritual (free), like Brahma Kumaris, or ‘non-religious’ but commercial, such as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM) which was made famous by the Beatles.

TM uses a mantra to dissolve deeply rooted stresses and tensions and reduce blood pressure, anxiety, doctors visits and hospital admissions. Their literature says that its effectiveness has been validated by more than 200 scientific research studies, conducted during the past 30 years at over 200 research institutes and universities in 30 countries (source leaflet by Dr Elizabeth Young, ‘Treat yourself to better health’ see A delegation of doctors has petitioned the Department of Health to make the practice more widely available on the NHS. There are 80 centres in UK, with one in Hove (Mark Heath, 07904 511186) A 4 day course of 1.5 hours per day, with follow up for 3-6 months costs £1280.

23 What should you believe?
All beliefs are just in our mind, (not our being) so changing our beliefs, even our religion, is superficial. Like changing our clothes, it does not change us.. Beliefs are actually a bondage, which keep us a slave to them in the prison of our mind. All religions have a vested interest in keeping us dependent on those beliefs, and their priests to interpret them, and tell us what we should and should not do.

This was a closely guarded secret until Osho publicly exposed it. So doing made him vehemently hated the world over, not only by every religious leader, whose cover he had blown, but also by the politicians who are dependent on the religious vote. He had many death threats and attempts on his life, and was finally poisoned in USA. His discourses expose the futility of all beliefs, to wean you off your dependency on them, so that you have chance of spiritual growth. (A biographical abstract of Osho’s life is available on request)

‘Life never fits with any belief, and if you try to force life into your beliefs you are trying to do the impossible. It has never happened. It cannot happen in the nature of things. Drop all beliefs and start learning how to experience.’

24 Is religious meditation effective?
The religious based meditations that I have tried (yoga, Brahma Kumaris and Buddhist) have been less effective than Osho’s, for two reasons. First because, like all religion, they are stuck in the past in their traditions and scriptures. People are different today, so need modern methods. Secondly their purpose is to keep you coming back for more, (commercial) whereas Osho’s is to set you free.

If you apply Osho’s science to religious based meditations, you can see why they are likely to be less effective. They start from sitting passively, bottling up your tensions and demons, whereas Osho’s start actively, allowing you to express and get rid of them. Children need to let off steam in the playground before they can sit down and concentrate on their lessons, and adults are no different. If you have tried such meditation and it did not make any permanent change in you, do not dismiss all techniques as ineffective, but give Osho’s a try.

‘Cathartic methods are modern inventions. In Buddha’s time they were not needed, because people were not so repressed. I am introducing cathartic methods so that what civilisation has done to you can be undone, so that you can become primitive again. From that primitive-ness, from primal innocence, insight becomes easily available.’

25 Is Osho religious or commercial exploition too?
No, neither. He repeatedly made clear that he wanted no religion to be founded after his death, nor even any organisation. His followers have respected his wishes. There are people in the International Meditation Resort in Pune and other Osho centres who will respond to your enquiries to visit, and sell you books and CDs. However, there is no titular head person in charge anywhere.

This paper is not trying to convert you to believe in Osho, but is sharing my experience of his teachings, and inviting you to try them for yourself, and make up your own mind. I am not dependent on whether you do so or not, and I am not looking for corroboration that they work, because I ‘know’ that they have worked for me.

. ‘I have been constantly inconsistent so that you will never be able to make a dogma out of me. You will simply go nuts if you try ..From my words you can get burned, but you will not be able to find any kind of theology’.

26 Why are Osho meditations active?
Most of his meditations start with activity because that is the only way to release tension and relax. In his own words:

‘If you begin with sitting, you will feel disturbed inside. The more you try to just sit, the more disturbance will be felt. You will become aware of only your insane mind and nothing else, it will create depression. You will feel frustrated, not blissful, you will begin to feel that you are insane. Sometimes you may really go insane.

If you make a sincere effort to ‘just sit’ you may go insane. Only because people do not try really sincerely does insanity not happen more often. ……. You may not be ready to be aware of all the insanity inside you. You must be allowed to get to know certain things gradually. Knowledge is not always good. It must unfold itself slowly as your capacity to absorb it grows.

I begin with your insanity, not with a sitting posture. I allow your insanity. If you dance madly, the opposite happens within you. With a mad dance, you begin to be aware of a silent point within you; with sitting silently you begin to be aware of your madness. The opposite is always the point of awareness.

If you begin with something active, positive, alive, moving, you will begin to feel an inner stillness growing. The more it grows the more it will be possible for you to use a sitting or lying posture…. When you are just sitting you are frustrated. Your mind wants to move but you are just sitting. Every muscle turns, every nerve turns, You are trying to force something upon yourself that is not natural, Then you have divided yourself into the one who is forcing and the one who is being forced.

That which you are suppressing is really to be thrown away, not suppressed. It has accumulated within you because you have been constantly suppressing it. Your whole upbringing, civilization and education is suppressive You have been suppressing much that could have been thrown away very easily…

For example, when a child is angry we tell him ‘do not be angry’. He begins to suppress anger By and by, what was a momentary happening becomes permanent. Now he will not act angry, but he will remain angry.…...So I begin with a catharsis. First let the suppressions be thrown into the air. When you can throw your anger into the air you have become mature.’

27 Dynamic and kundalini meditations
His most popular meditations are ‘dynamic’ (the yang, male one) to be done first thing in the morning, like a workout, and ‘kundalini’ (the yin, female one) to be done at about sunset. They are hour long and done to recorded CDs. The first half an hour uses strenuous activity, to consciousness-changing music, to go beyond the mind, and open up your energy..

They use breathing, to oxygenates your cells, and movement such as shaking, dancing, and catharsis, which detoxifies and release the memories of your repressions which are making you tense, anxious or ill. You can then drop into meditation in the second half hour, when you may get revelations, sometimes like a fast forwarding video.

‘Dynamic meditation is a contradiction. Dynamic means effort, much effort, absolute effort, and meditation means silence, no effort, no activity. You can call it a dialectical meditation’

28 Instructions for Osho meditations
They tend to be more powerful when done in a group, but you can also do them at home to the CD. The effect is cumulative so the more often you do them, the more effective they will be in transforming you permanently. In times of crisis ( illness, operation, depression, bereavement, loss etc). do both meditations every day. You can buy the CDs for use at home. Don’t expect permanent change until you have done them about 20 times, and don’t give up then, as the more you do the better you get (a virtuous spiral).

When doing them, be uninhibited and total. No-one is watching, listening or judging you. The more you put in, the more you will get out. Try not to move or cough during the silences or disturb the energy, which goes inward. Don’t be put off by the first time, which can be a shock. Of the following Osho meditations, I have done those marked with one * as a participant, and am able to lead those with 2 **

‘Leave your mind where you leave your shoes.’

29 Dynamic. **(eyes should be closed throughout. Stages 1-3 are 10mins each, stages 4 and 5 are 15 mins each)

1 Deep fast chaotic breathing through the nose, with the emphasis on the outbreath, Help the breathing to go deep into the belly with vigorous arm movements.
2 Explode. Let go of everything that needs to be thrown out. Go totally mad, scream, shout, cry, swear, hit the air or a cushion, hold nothing back, keep your whole body moving, A little acting often helps to get you started. Never allow your mind to interfere with what is happening. Be total..
3 With raised arms jump up and down shouting the mantra ‘hoo, hoo, hoo’ as deeply as possible. Each time you land, let the sound hammer deep into the sex centre. Give it all you have. Exhaust yourself totally
4 Stop. Freeze.where you are, in whatever position you find yourself. Don’t re-arrange the body in any way. A cough, an movement, anything will dissipate the energy flow, and the effort will be lost. Be a witness to everything that is happening to you..
5 Celebrate and rejoice with music and dance, expressing your gratitude towards the whole, then carry your happiness with you throughout the day.

30 Kundalini **(eyes should be closed, each stage 15 mins) 1 Be loose and let your whole body shake, feeling the energies moving up from your feet. Let go everywhere and become the shaking. Allow it, don’t do it. Shake your solidarity, your rock-like being should shake to its very foundations, so that it becomes liquid, fluid, melts, flows.
2 Dance anyway you feel and let the whole body move as it wishes. When movement becomes ecstatic, then it is a dance. When movement is so total, there is no ego.
3 Sit or stand and allow the music to penetrate you, witnessing whatever is happening, inside and out.
4 Sit or lie down, and be still, (watching your breathing).

31 Other Osho meditations include the following, which are all 1 hour long, except as noted:

:Nadabrahma **30 mins humming, 15 mins slow arm movement, 15 mins silence.
Nataraj ** 40 mins free dancing, 15 mins silent lying, 5 mins free dancing
Chakra breathing ** 45 mins deep rapid breathing, 15 mins silent sitting
Chakra sounds ** 45 mins making sounds in each chakra, 15 mins silent sitting or lying
Gourishankar * 15 mins inhaling, holding exhaling, holding breath, 15 mins normal breathing while looking at a flashing blue light or candle, 15 mins standing allowing body to move as it wishes, 15 mins silent lying
No dimensions ** 30 mins arm and leg movements to music, 15 mins whirling, 15 mins silent lying on your belly
Laughing ** 10 mins free dancing, 30 mins laughing, 15 mins silent lying, 5 mins free dancing.
Gibberish ** 10 mins free dancing 30 mins gibberish, 15 mins silent lying on belly, 5 mins free dancing
Evening meeting, or white robe ** 20 mins free dancing, 15 mins silent sitting listening to intermittent indian classical music, 1-2 hour video discourse, 15 mins visuallisation to Osho’s words.
Aum * 2.5 hours in 12 stages of sometimes vigorous activity, sometimes interactive.
Other meditations Osho also gave instructions for 112 other meditations from ancient texts attributed to Shiva, of which the following is no 63 (see Book of Secrets).
Sensing the senses ** 15 mins slow walking while looking through the eyes, direct to the watcher, not through the mind, 15 mins sitting listening to music direct to the watcher, not through the mind, 15 mins sitting feeling your body direct to the watcher, not through the mind, 15 mins silent watching

32 Meditative group therapies
No mind To be done 2 hours per day for 7 days First hour speaking gibberish, second hour silence
Born again To be done 2 hours per day for 7 days, first hour playing like a child and then silence
Who is in? * Interactive dialogue to be done for 10 hours per day for 4-7 days
Mystic Rose * To be done 3 hours per day for 21 days, first week laughing, second week crying, third week watching. The following were developed by his followers since his death:
Co-dependency – recreating trust * 4.5 hours per day interactive for 5 days
Family Constellation * 4.5 hours per day interactive for 3 days
From fear to love 4.5 hours per day interactivefor 3 days
Body mind balancing ** To be done 1 hour per day for 7 days sitting or lying listening to a CD
(It is recommended to do dynamic, kundalini and evening white robe every day of the meditative group therapies, to support yourself in your process.)

33 Why do Osho meditations? From my experience:

  • To allow tensions, compulsive habits and addictions to drop.
  • To allow attachments, aversions and indifferences to drop, and compassion to grow.
  • To detox and relieve chronic stress so that burnouts and breakdowns are avoided.
  • To have a natural pain-killer and medicine for almost any complaint.
  • To settle the fog of muddy water of our mind, so we can see our way ahead, and hear the wisdom of our still small voice
  • To stop being a slave, and become the master of our mind
  • To become healed and whole, like a child again, able to laugh, love and relate to others naturally
  • To chose and create our own reality, transforming our life to relax and live fulfilled and effortlessly in heaven rather than in hell
  • To live and die consciously at peace with ourself and existence.

34 Where can I do Osho meditations?
See ‘’ for a list of places to meditate worldwide. The following service is offered:in Hove, at Planet Janet café and therapy centre at 86, Church Rd, Hove, Sussex, England BN3 2EB opposite Hove town hall, tel. 01273 738389, see

  • Dynamic meditation drop in every Tues and Thurs morning 7.30-8.30 am and Saturday 8-9am (use back entrance) .£4 (half price concessions)
  • Kundalini meditation on Saturday afternoons 5-6pm £4
  • Introduction course every Thurs evening 8-930pm £6, or monthly season ticket for all the above £20.
  • Books, CDs and videos for sale.
  • A free phone advice line on 01273 417997
  • An outreach service at your workplace
  • Information on groups at other Osho centres, in Gillingham,Dorset, (see Minehead, Somerset (see Denmark, India, etc (see The Aum is done in Portslade one Sunday every month tel 702610

35 In conclusion
I would be pleased to enter into discussion about this, and the evidence base for other complementary and alternative therapy. I am a user representative on NHS committees to make the NHS more patient-led. I am also the secretary of the Sussex group of the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN), which hold speaker meetings on the third Friday of each month at 6 for 7-9pm at Planet Janet. The SMN is an international organisation, founded in 1973 to challenge the adequacy of scientific materialism for knowledge and values. I can be contacted at. 22,Saxon Rd Hove, BN3 4LE, tel 01273 417997,

John Kapp 01273 417997

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