by     JOHN KAPP

Paper for Scientific and Medical Network (SMN) &nsbp; 6.7.07
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1 Abstract
Consciousness does not emerge as a product of the brain, but is the life force which creates and maintains brains and bodies of all living creatures. It does so by collapsing non-material waves of subtle energy (having no location in physical space time) from the broadcast cosmic field of consciousness, into particles. It is the hard problem for scientists because they are looking in the wrong direction. It is not ‘out there’ (the objective world), but ‘in here’ (the subjective world), in their own soul and heart. Everyone can experience their soul as a reciever of emotions from a ‘podcast soap opera’ script, which they are destined to act out more or less blindly as an automaton. The paper shows why the life sciences have made no progress, because they have denied the soul, and how through family constellation therapy everybody can experience and see the subtle energy of their own, and other peoples’ souls. It also shows how astrology can provides a map of that energy. Both can be used therapeutically to understand the cause and timing of dis-ease, and to heal.

2 Summary conclusion: the benefits of acceptance of the holistic theory of consciousness
a)   Assisting a paradigm shift from materialism to holism
b)   Providing a framework in which disciplines (eg quantum physics, neuroscience, biology, cosmology, astronomy, astrology, complementary and alternative medicine) can fit together to create a more coherent and useful picture of reality.
c)   Better explanations of life, death, experiences, spirit, mind, body, wellness, illness that can heal the NHS and make it patient-led, (rather than provider-led) and stop staff burnout.
d)   Provides the belief in a purposeful, meaningful, enchanted universe in which people are privileged to incarnate from time to time, in order to learn lessons, (rather than cursed to a pre-destined life of drudgery and suffering, in which there is no free will, and death is the end of everything).
e)   An integration of the paranormal into the normal, including out of body experiences, near death experiences, mystical experiences, transformations, past life memories, reincarnation, telepathy, channelling, remote viewing, prescience, distant healing
f)   An acceptance of psi practitioners, including mediums, clairvoyants, psychics, spiritual healers
g)   A more humble place for mankind as part and beneficiary of nature, rather than as a conquerer of nature.
h)   More respect for other people, living creatures, and the planet’s resources that could save us from the nightmare scenarios of global warming, peak oil.
i)   Breakthrough, (rather than breakdown - global collapse of civilisation) (1)

3 Introduction Why is consciousness a hard problem?.
I was motivated to write this paper in response to Lawrence Le Shan’s videoed lecture to SMN in April, in which he lamented the lack of progress in science and medicine in his lifetime, despite massive funding and resources, and challenged the SMN to come up with a non-emergent theory of consciousness. The conventional theory is that consciousness emerges from the brain; that the brain creates it. Consciousness is known as the ‘hard problem’ for science, (2) and 30,000 papers have been written about it, (2) but without find any meaningful solution.

Until about 20 years ago, the use of the word ‘consciousness’ in academic circles was taboo. Now it has come out of the closet of denial, but is put on the ‘too hard’ pedestal, where it is just as inaccessible. The reason why no progress has been made in solving the problem is because science is looking in the wrong place. This phenomenon is best explained by a parable.

At sundown, in the days before electricity, a village woman was found by a passer-by on her hands and knees outside her house. ‘What are you looking for?’ he asked. ‘My needle’ she said. Soon he and others were also on their hands and knees searching. Eventually one said: ‘where did you drop it?’ ‘In the house’ she replied. ‘ ‘Then why are we searching in the street?’ She answered ‘because in the house it is dark.’

Although £trillions of funding of taxpayers money has gone into scientific and medical research (the ‘light’ in the above story) it has all been subject to political correctness. The researchers have had to believe in the ‘scientific’ paradigm, of materialism, (matter is the only reality) reductionism, (the whole is just the sum of its parts) and mechanism (people are machines)

The problem is ‘hard’ for science because these beliefs are not true. It is not just hard, but impossible, to explain consciousness (or any phenomena in the life sciences) if you believe that matter is the only reality, because it is not. The right place to look for the answer is ‘inside the house’ by which I mean inside yourself.

I define consciousness as he ably to ‘see’ (be aware of) environment and to act appropriately. By that definition all living creatures appear to have consciousness to some degree. For example, plants tend to grow towards the light and sunflowers turn towards the sun, so they must be conscious of it. Trees direct their roots towards distant water sources so they must be aware of it’s location. Animals distinguish whether other animals are predators, prey, rivals, mates, offspring etc. so must be conscious.

It is possible to have ‘artificial’ consciousness to this definition. Examples are light sensitive switches for street lamps, and automatic landing systems for aircraft, which sense it’s position and speed, and send messages to the controls. We rightly see technology such as this as very advanced, but we should acknowledge that the most primitive flying insect and bird shows a vastly higher degree of consciousness than the most sophisticated man-made machine.

4 What experiences are observed by consciousness?
All our experiences are observed by consciousness. They would not be experiences if they were not. Science breaks down experience into elements. A single element as a ‘quale’ (plural ‘qualia’ from latin for ‘quality’).(2) The most obvious qualia are the 5 senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, and their derivatives, such as different colours and shapes seen, different tones and meanings of language heard, different tastes, smells and touches. These qualia seem to be experienced by most animals in varying degrees (eg dog’s enhanced sense of smell)

There are also many other qualia, such as the sense of location of position (as demonstrated by homing pigeons), the sense of speed and acceleration (as demonstrated by every flying insect and bird at take off and landing) the sense of balance as compared to the vertical (demonstrated by plants and animals) the sense of intention, demonstrated by all living creatures in seeking their prey etc.

Higher qualia experienced by humans include: the sense of feeling emotions. (Such as love, hate, beauty, ugliness, anger, compassion etc) the sense of thinking (ideas, thoughts, memories etc) the sense of watching other qualia in meditation, and the sense of connection with others (‘all is one’, spirit, as in ‘Buddha’ consciousness and ‘Christ’ consciousness.

5 Why can’t scientists ‘see’ consciousness?
Because they take it for granted. Consciousness is not like moondust. It is universal. We are living in it. Everybody is supposed to be ‘conscious’ while awake, when it gives reality to our world. When we are ‘unconscious’ our world dis-appears, and there is no realiy. Consciousness is to humans, as water is to fish. This is best illustrated by another parable.

There once was a scentifically minded fish who wanted to know what water is. He swam around and asked every other fish, but nobody knew. He got a large grant to study it, and read all the 30.000 papers written about it, but he was no wiser. Then he nibbled the bait of a fisherman, got hooked and landed on the sand in the hot sun. Gasping for life, he suddenly experienced what water is, by the lack of it. He made a super-human effort and jumped back into the sea, swimming off rejoicing with gratitude. He went and told all he other fishes what he had discovered, but none of hem believed him, because they had not had that experience.

Consciousness is the ability to see and react appropriately. Our minds may occasionally be ‘conscious’ of something that we focus on, but our cells have consciousness all the time, and react to every stimulus to ensure our body’s survival. So do the cells of every other living creature.

6 The true meaning of ‘psychosomatic’.
Medicine is realising that dis-ease is ‘all in the mind’ (psycho-somatic) known as the mind/body problem. However this is a mistranslation. ‘Psycho’ is ancient Greek for soul, but has been taken to mean ‘mind’. The mind is not the same as ‘soul’. This has been the mistake which has mislead psychology, psychiatry, psychic studies into dead ends, that Lawrence Le Shan was lamenting.

Since the middle ages scientists have been looking for the soul by dissecting cadavers. They found none and therefore declared it non existent. Modern day neurologists have been looking for consciousness in the brain. They also found none and therefore declared it a product of brain function, which is just as erroneous as declaring it non existent.

7 What is the soul?
It is spoken of colloquially as ‘life and soul of the party’, and ‘soul destroying job’, but nobody talks about it in depth. Even religious people only mention it in passing as the immortal part of you that goes to heaven or hell when you die. They never say anything about what it does in the meantime, while you are alive. It is, in fact, your consciousness.

Using the metaphor of the computer for people, the body is the hardware, the mind is the software, the soul is the operator, and the spirit is the internet which connects souls together. Hardware and software is useless unless there is an operator watching the screen and controlling the machine purposefully. Consciousness is the ability to watch and act appropriately

There is an ancient parable which well describes the soul / body relationship. A sighted, but lame man (the soul) and a blind man (the body) were caught in a forest fire, and both would have perished if they had not got together in collaboration. The blind man carried the lame man on his shoulders, who directed him to safety.

8 Why is the soul so elusive?
It is also known as the heart, which is very shy and vulnerable because it can easily be hurt or broken. It therefore lives deep inside you, at the centre of your being. It is described in fairy tale as the princess asleep in the inner sanctum of the castle, surrounded by dense forest, which he prince has to penetrate to wake her with a kiss.

Mystics have described the soul’s energy as entering the body with the breath, as the rider (life force) on a horse (oxygen) The life force is also described as an invisible silver thread entering your centre (hara, two inches below your navel) To commit hara kiri (Japanese) means to commit suicide by cutting this cord.

The difference between the mind and the heart (soul) is well described in s Shakespeare sonnet:
In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes, for they in thee a thousand errors note.
But ‘tis my heart which loves what they despise.

8 The holistic theory of consciousness
To properly explain concepts of consciousness, soul, heart, life force, we have to give up the narrow paradigm of materialism (which only works for machines, technology) and adopt the wider paradigm of holism. This is the belief that people consist of a material body of particles, and a non-material mind and spirit (soul) of waves. Then the hardest part of the problem dis-appears, although some aspects still remain mysterious and miraculous.(see below) The holistic theory of consciousness is that it is the waves at the top of a cosmic hierarchy known as the macrocosm and microcosm, the life force that continuously creates bodies.

This theory is not new. For millenia, mystics have been saying hat. For example, Ayurveda (Sanscrit for the ‘science of life’) the Indian system of medicine’s definitive textbook (Charaka Samhita) which was written more than 2,000 years ago ( 3 ) It is in line with what Sir James Jeans wrote nearly a century ago in ‘The Mysterious Universe’: ‘Mind no longer appears as an accidental intruder into the realm of matter; we are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter’ ( 2)

Consciousness and qualia are non-material influences, for which my father (Prof Reginald Kapp) coined the word ‘diathetes’.in 1940 (4) He did this to avoid negativity and make the issue more amenable to scientific debate without the emotional baggage associated with all other terms.(the same reason for the coining of the word ‘qualia’ for experiences)

Using it, the debate can be neatly summed up as follows: materialism says either that matter is a diathete or that diathetes do not exist. I have shown above that both these statements are untrue.
Holism says that both matter and diathetes exist. Body is matter, and mind and spirit are diathetes. It may not be possible to prove scientifically that holism is true, but I have shown that it has much more explanatory power in understanding how living creatures behave.

9 The hierarchy of macrocosm to microcosm
a)   An ‘enchanted’ universe (5) of consciousness in a ‘quantum’ field, (6) (also known as the zero point field, and the Akashic field or records) consisting of cosmic subtle energy as radiated waves of intelligent information, like TV and radio waves in space. This field is the life force (also known as soul, spirit, chi, prana, elan vitale, divinity, demiurge, noumen, gods, God, diathete, etc) which is able to create and maintain life in every living creature on earth, and perhaps on any other planet whose environment is suitable to sustain life.
b)   Living creatures, which comprise two parts; an invisible, non-material part of waves, (called the aura, subtle body, morphic or morphogenic field) surrounding a visible, material part. (called the physical body) The body incarnates (soul becoming flesh) from the aura, as consciousness collapses the waves from the field into particles of matter. Consciousness also creates order in those particles, placing them in molecules, cells, organs, according to purpose and function. (7)
c)   Cells in each living creature, which are like goldfish in a bowl (skin). Human beings each have about 100 trillion cells, living in about 10 gallons of water. Each cell is said to be ‘more complicated than London’ and only lives about 6 weeks. Cells communicate, (as if they each had a mobile phone) with every other cell, including those of heart and brain from whom they take and obey orders, like a well trained army of soldiers manoeuvring, or like a flock of birds flying in formation, as if it were one organism. They continuously make the following systems work for the survival of the whole human body:

  The nervous systems controlling breathing, heart beat, digestion, elimination, temperature control, immune system, and qualia (experiencing) such as sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, balance, emotions, thoughts.

  The motor system which, under the influence of external danger perceived by the senses, co-ordinates the actions of the cells in muscles to move the body out of danger (eg when touching something hot, seeing a snake, flight or fight a perceived threat)

  The conscious intention system which co-ordinates the actions of cells to move to do whatever the conscious mind intends (such as move, speak, perform, think) d) Each cell comprises trillions of particles, which are being continuously created by the life force as it collapses the waves of consciousness into particles, and places them in exactly the right place in molecules at the right time to create a functioning cell (8) How the life force does all that is still a mind-boggling mystery – a miracle – but there is no disputing that it does so, as all the above phenomena happen as reality. I discuss the problem of how in section

10 Consciousness is like a broadcast of a soap
The life force of consciousness is like a TV broadcast of a soap opera, (such as East Enders, Neighbours etc) . Our bodies are like TV receivers watched and listened to continuously by our souls (our ‘still, small voice) We are automatically tuned into our species and family’s special broadcast, which I will henceforward call our ‘podcast’. Our soul receives our podcast, which is the script for our lives, which gives us our ‘instructions’ as our ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’.

All living creatures have podcasts appropriate to them. Those of plants and animals is simply how to be that plant or that animal. This means how to find its food (which it ‘loves’ as food) and its mate, which it loves sexually. Human beings are animals, so have the same basic podcast of humans, which is how to be a human being, and loving food and sex.

11 Human consciousness is entangled
We are more complex than animals because we have a neo-cortex in our brains which enables us to have a conscious mind. As babies, before our minds develop, our podcasts are like that of animals, namely how to be a baby. This is how to find our mothers nipples, and receive the love and attention that we need. The fundamental energy of consciousness in all life forms is pure, unconditional love, innocence and bliss. It can be seen on any sleeping baby’s face as a Buddha smile of bliss.

However, as a baby grows up he is conditioned by his parents and others in order to be able to fit into a complex society. His original podcast becomes more and more cluttered with positive and negative beliefs. Unlike animals, for many years we are totally dependent on our mother and father (or substitutes) for our very survival where-ever we find ourselves in society

Our podcast script is therefore not ours, but was written for us (unconsciously) by our parents. Similarly, their podcast scripts were written for them by their parents, and so on back to Adam and Eve. As with any soap opera, we are scripted into a complex family system consisting initially of mother, father, siblings, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc, (including those who were aborted, died young or were forgotten or excluded in some way) and later extended to friends, lovers, enemies, work colleagues, bosses, employees etc.

As in any soap opera, our relationships with this crowd of people gets us into all sorts of entanglements, (identifications, fixations, emotions, needs, desires) over which we have little or no control. The stress of it all may make us ill with a chronic condition, and eventually kill us. However, their dis-eases are not ours; we carry them for our ancestors and acquired them from our podcast. (see part 2)

12 We can tune into other peoples’ podcasts too.
We are also tuned into, and continuously receive, not only our family podcast, but the general human broadcast, known by Jung as the collective unconscious. We also automatically tune into the podcasts of individuals who are specially important to our survival, such as our mother when we are a baby and our lover(s) when we are in a relationship. We are all in relationships of which we are unaware, known as identifications, as described below.

Our body tunes into the podcasts of strangers, whether or not we are conscious of it, as when we pick up on the energy of a party, a meeting, a person in a dark lane, a scary movie, which makes our hair stand on end, or gives us goose pimples, a pit in our stomach, or a gut feeling. We may also tune in to the podcast of individuals or groups with whom we are identified, such as siblings, particularly twins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, clubs, (eg football) religions, nations. This ability to read other peoples thoughts is known as telepathy, or our sixth sense, and some people make their living by it, such as mediums, clairvoyants, and psychics. Remote viewing is an extension of this.

So our podcasts are not private affairs, but is a public broadcast, or like a cosmic family website. If we want to know more about somebody’s family system, we can metaphorically click on it by having that intention, and it instantly appears on the screen of our mind. If we want to know about any particular member of his family, say his grandfather, all we have to do is wish that, and it appears on the screen of our mind, as if we had clicked ‘grandfather’ in his family website.

Fairy tale ‘wishes’ can literally come true in this way, if you believe in them, but not if you don’t. This is the basis of placebo and nocebo effects in medicine, in which belief in medicine or therapy can make it work for you.

13 How do animals move?
When animals are in danger they respond almost instantaneously by moving. Neuro scientists tell us what that our nervous system monitors potential danger by processing thousands of bits of input data per second. The only possible explanation for how we move is that billions of cells work together in co-ordinated effort to contract our muscles. Our cells seem to act like a flock of birds when flying together as if they were one organism. How do birds do this?

People can fly in formation too, as squadrons of fighters or bombers. They do it by being in constant communication with each other and with a command centre headquarters. The only rational explanation of how birds and cells can move in a co-ordinated way is that they are communicating in the same way. Rupert Shelldrake calls this phenomena a morphic field. It is observable in the aura around every living creature, including humans.

The aura is a region around each creature where the communication field is particularly strong. It means that every cell and every bird has something like a mobile phone which tunes in to the aura and thereby enables them to be in constant communication with each other and with headquarters, a brain. For a bird to fly or a ballet dancer to perform requires the intelligent ordering of squillions of communications every second.

14 Is the information technology implied by holism theoretically possible?
I have shown above that materialism cannot, by definition, explain non-material influences, whereas holism, by definition, can. However, switching belief in materialism to holism does not solve all the problems, but changes them for different ones. Some of these are mind-boggling, so should be faced squarely and addressed. The first is the number of inter-cellular communications per second that would have to take place for the goldfish-like cells to act together in concert.

When my father Prof Reginald Kapp, (4) was writing Science versus Materialism in 1940 one of the reasons why he was not listened to was because the technology implied by his theory of life sounded impossibly far fetched. This is no longer true. Man made information technology (IT) has made commonplace the ability to store huge quantities of information in holograms and micro chips and send and receive it at huge speeds by downloading and send) while on the move by means of ipods, mobile phones, internet, podcast, (our own radio station) etc

If man can do it, (which is undeniable) it is theoretically possible. that Creation did it too when It or He created life. It is no longer inconceivable that every cell can contains the cellular memory of everything that happened to you in this and past lives. Man has developed IT over the last few decades, whereas He has had billions of years.

IT may be the explanation of why acupuncture works. According to traditional Chinese medicine the cause of disease is blocked energy (chi) which can be unblocked by needles inserted into the skin. They may improve reception, like mobile phone masts, enabling better cell to cell communication. Lakovsky said in the 1920’s that ‘disease is a war of radiations’ implying that microbes interfere with the frequencies of healthy cells, like jamming radio broadcasts. Active meditation techniques cathart out the rubbish (emotional toxicity) in our cellular memories, leaving room for fresh healing energy.

15 What about the location problem of holism?
Matter is easy to observe because we know where if is. The definition of material is everything that has location in space, ie is here not there. Holism believes in non-material influences, (such as mind and spirit), which are defined as lacking location in space, because they are neither here, nor there. We do not know where they are, which may be everywhere or nowhere, or be in a different dimension or spiritual world. All we know is that they exist, because they do things, like give us experiences.

I admit that the idea that anything can exist which has no location in physical space is conceptually difficult. However, that difficulty is not sufficient reason to dismiss holism. For example, no-one has yet been able to locate where the internet is. Is it in your computer? Is it in the telephone lines or exchanges? Is it in the air? Is it everywhere, or nowhere? I believe that the internet is an artificial, man-made non-material influence (diathete).

Medieval researchers dissected cadavers looking for the soul, They could not find it, so they concluded, wrongly, that it does not exist. The modern day equivalent is neuro scientists looking for consciousness in the brain. Again they have not been able to find it. Logic says that if it acts, (as is undeniable) it must exist, however inconvenient that truth might be to your belief system.

Indian philosophers, such as Shankara, go to the opposite extreme of materialists, and say that consciousness is the only thing that exists, and that all else is illusion (maya). He may have a point in philosophy, but in science the working hypothesis that both matter and non-material influences exist is the most useful in its explanatory power.

16 What is the mechanism for consciousness to create minds, bodies and qualia?
Put another way, the question becomes ‘how can consciousness create these things?’ To answer it we have to consider the field of energy which quantum physicists tell us pervades the universe or cosmos, known as the zero point field, the quantum field, and the Akashic Field, or records. (9)

Einstein showed that energy (e) and matter (m) are interchangeable with his equation e=mc squared, where c is the speed of light. Quantum physics has since shown that energy and matter sometimes behave as though they are waves of energy, and sometimes as though they are particles of matter, depending on whether it is being observed or not. ‘When you ain’t looking, it’s like a wave. When you are looking, it’s like a particle’ says Dr Fred Alan Wolf (10)

This means that the process of observing (ie consciousness) changes waves of energy (such as thoughts, intentions)into particles of matter (such as molecules in the body, including emotions, (see Candice Pert’s book, Molecules of Emotion)

Many personal development authors are saying that we continuously create our own reality of happiness or misery. For example the recent book Your Destiny Switch - Master your key emotions and attract the life of your dreams .(11) says : ‘Some of us have switched off our creative power, or we are unknowingly blocking the flow of empowering energy. Others have flipped their ‘breaker’ switch and continue to engage in the most destructive emotions they can possibly express.’ . In common with the message of many other books, we are extolled to use our consciousness (by meditation) to take responsibility for ourselves rather than considering ourselves as victims of others.

17 How do we create our own reality?
This holist theory of consciousness provides a mechanism for how we create our own reality, namely that waves of the diathete intention ‘collapse’ into particles of matter in our bodies. The difficult part in this mechanism is to picture what happens at the non-material to material interface.. This question is addressed in 190 pages of closely argued reasoning in my father’s second book Mind, Life and Body published in 1951. (12) Summarising it, he analyses how man-made technology is used to enable a crane operator’s intentions to control and move the position of a heavy load.

This technology works by the principle of relays (switches) in cascade. The big load is moved by a big motor controlled by a big switch, which is controlled by a smaller switch, which is controlled by a smaller switch and so on. This principle enables tiny forces to be used to control enormous loads, like oil rigs. He traces the switches in the body back to the smallest one which he calls a ‘primary relay’ which is a single molecule. Again the miniaturisation of computer technology indicates that this is theoretically possible.

My father’s conclusion is that it is ‘entirely by the exercise of co-ordinated timing that the diathete called life is able to secure, as required, either activation or inhibition of a vital process…….(and) has found means of co-ordinating the efforts of survival of individual mechanisms. In doing so it has introduced competition between molecules. The struggle for existence that occurs between races, between species, between cells, is already fully developed within each unicellular organism. (p188) He ends with the plea that a prima facie case has been made for a new field of study which he called ‘diathetics’. (the noetic science of consciousness should be this, but is not, because it has so far been stifled by its materialistic foundations)

18 Are people like tin men or goldfish bowls?
Materialism closes the minds of scientists so that they are in denial of, or cannot see or hear what is obvious to others. An example of this blindness is doctors’ answer when patients ask ‘why have I got arthritis etc’: ‘Well, what do you expect at your age? It is wear and tear’. This is based on their paradigm of mechanism which sees people are machines, say tin men.

There is ample evidence that this is nonsense Living bodies are not in the least like machines, which are manufactured once and for all and so do wear out. What scientists actually observe and report is quoted in the film ‘What the bleep do we know?’ ‘I am my cells’ (Dr Joseph Dispenza). ‘Each cell is definitively alive and each cell has a consciousness, a receptor that has a peptide sitting in it changes the cell in many ways. It sets off a whole cascade of biochemical events, some of which wind up with changes in the actual molecules of the cell’ (Dr Candice Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion).

Conventional medicine is based on the implied assumption that human bodies are tin men. If doctors are going to respect their patients’ bodies (and their own) they need a better metaphor, which is a goldfish bowl. Scientists tell us that we comprise about 100 trillion cells swimming around in about 10 gallons of water. (8) Each cell is said to be ‘more complicated than London’, comprising trillions of molecules, and no cell lives very long (perhaps months)

For example, we get a new skin in our mouths every day, and a new skeleton every 7 years. Contrary to doctors’ pessimistic prognoses (‘life is a sexually transmitted, degenerative condition that is always terminal’) humans have almost unlimited capacity for regeneration, as some accounts of recovery from stroke, cancer etc testifies) provided that we do not believe doctors’ negative prognosis so that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy...

The only way that these facts can be explained is that our cells are being continuously re-created with help from the food we eat, the air we breathe and the thoughts and intentions that we have for ourselves. Furthermore, the life force must have the extra-ordinary ordering capacity to place each particle in each molecule, in each cell, in each organ, in the right place at the right time, all the time for as long as we live. Some machine!

19 How can we dis-entangle ourselves?
We usually don’t listen to our podcast, (which as mentioned above is that still, small voice of our soul) but drown it out with distractions. However, ignoring it doesn’t make it go away, but merely compels us to follow its impulses blindly, like automatons, sleepwalkers or zombies. There is nothing wrong with this, but it explains the compulsive, obsessional behaviour of many people.

If we want to listen to our podcast or soul, we probably need to access therapy, personal development and meditation. We may then realise that we have been scripted (hypnotised) by our conditioning. As we de-hypnotise ourselves with meditation, we may realise that we do not have to follow our podcast script, but have the free will to chose that, or re-create our own script, and live our lives in a more contented and fulfilling way. This is what is meant by the phrase in self-help books ‘we all have the power to create our own reality’.

Chinese medicine describes all dis-ease as blocked energy (chi) This confirms the podcast metaphor. As mentioned above, the original life force is pure, unconditional love, innocence and bliss. This is like water in a well which has been used as a rubbish tip. The water is there, but is hard to reach. For example, Hitler was beaten every day by a violent father, so his podcast was full of fear, (which is simply the absence of love) and anger (which is punishing yourself for what you did not do) and violence (which is projecting onto others your own, or your ancestors’ murderous rage)

Meditation can give us the space and time to stand back and watch the drama of the script of our lives dispassionately, as if it was a soap happening to others (such as our mother or father, etc). This is healing, bringing us a sense of harmony and peace. We may then experience that this is in fact the reality; we are neither our bodies, nor our minds but just pure consciousness watching everything that happens to us, including the birth and eventually the death of our present body. Also, that none of the drama that we watch is the big deal that our mind or ego would have us believe, to make us feel special and important.

20 Family Constellation therapy
We have seen above how everyone has the inherent ability to tune into other peoples’ podcasts and family websites at will, simply by having the conscious intention to do so. Family Constellation group therapy utilises this ability.

Each participant in the group takes it in turn to be the ‘client’, who appoints representatives for himself and relevant members of his family, and places them in the middle of the room for all to see. The representatives are chosen and simply intend to represent their allotted part, say the client’s grandfather. They then automatically channel the grandfather’s energy from his podcast, feel his emotions and act out his impulses. This can be seen by the client and everybody else as body language in an emergent slow-motion drama, perhaps augmented by asking how he feels. Thus the energy is revealed. (eg he had a gammy leg, a murderous rage, no strength, was sexually attracted to his daughter) The truth of these feelings is often verified by the client subsequently.

It makes no difference that the grandfather is not physically present, or even alive. He may have died a century ago, but his energy is clearly still very much alive and strongly affecting his grandchild today. Even the client need not be physically present, but can be represented in his absence in a ‘constellation by proxy’, in which a facilitator brings a difficult case for supervision.

Experiencing the channelling of the subtle energy of a stranger flowing through me as a representative, has proved to me that consciousness is non-material, waves in a field which is not in the physical world of space time. It also proves the reality of spells, curses, blessings, ghosts, life after death, past life experiences, near death experiences, out of body experiences, remote viewing, prescience, The human body is an extra-ordinary diagnostic tool.

In the language of this therapy, we call the podcast or website, the ‘family soul’ or ‘family conscience’. The purpose of doing constellations is to reveal the soul’s truth about the client’s subtle energy, which is often the opposite of what his mind thinks. We usually see that the client is carrying dis-eases and dis-abilities for his ancestors etc who were not properly respected in their lifetimes. Honouring them and giving them a rightful loving place in the client’s heart can heal him and his family soul. And when one member of a family changes, everybody else in the system has to change, (eg after a constellation an estranged member gets in touch

21 Karmic astrology
Astrology is another way of reading the subtle energy messages in the cosmic field of consciousness which creates life on earth. This field is not constant, like sunlight, but is always changing in cycles of different periodicity, with the relative positions of the sun, moon and planets, and the precession of the equinoxes. The history of civilisations, nations and individuals is not accidental, nor a matter of chance, but mankind unconsciously following the impulses of cosmic subtle energy, which can be accurately interpreted and predicted by astrologers.

What I have called above the ‘general human broadcast’ that applies to all mankind, varies in a 25,000 year cycle, about 2,000 years per sign of the Zodiac, called the ‘ages’. Since about 1750 we have been in transition from the past age of Pisces, (mutable water – suffering on the cross) which started shortly BC, and have now emerged into the present age of Aquarius (fixed air-communication, eg mobile phones, internet). This accounts for the very different sort of energy that is evident from the history of past millennia.

The astrological equivalent of an individual’s podcast is his horoscope. This is the positions of the planets at the moment that he got his soul with his first breath. This is like a sim card in a mobile phone which makes it individual and unique, or like a seed, which contains all the relevant information about the creature’s life to come, like a forward memory which can be interpreted if you know how.

Astrology is empirical, and astrologers like Sir Isaac Newton have correlated and recorded human experience with the positions of the planets over thousands of years. Today’s astrologers have the added benefit of computer programmes which can instantly produce horoscopes and composite charts for any person or event at any time in the past or the future, using built in astronomical ephemeris of the positions of the planets for that day. Prof Richard Tarnas has correlated hundreds of historical events with the horoscope and transits of the time, and found great explanatory power. (13)

The subtle energy of consciousness varies up and down with the cycles of the planets. This accounts for periods when you might have great energy and creativity, and periods of low energy with illness. These can be explained by transits, when planets pull apart or together as at full and new moon, or in quadrature, as at first and last quarter. Astrology can predict when you will get a dis-ease, and when you will recover from it as the energy returns.

Both Family Constellation therapy, and karmic astrology have great explanatory power as a diagnostic tool for a client to understand the cause and timing of his dis-ease. The moment that the penny drops in his understanding of why he has it, the healing process automatically starts in his body. And the client changes, his whole family dynamic also has to change, so that there is a knock-on healing effect throughout his family system.

Family constellations show the cause and timing of a client’s dis-ease in terms of family entanglements. Karmic astrology shows the cause and timing of his dis-ease in terms of the karmic patterns of energy of the family that his soul chose to join for this life when it flew in to the baby when he took his first breath. This is a higher level in the chain of causation, which could be called a higher octave.

22 Why is the materialism paradigm so resistant to shifting?
The problems of materialism have been pointed out in book after book throughout the last century, (4) yet the paradigm stubbornly refuses to shift, and still reigns supreme in political correctness, determining the allocation of grants for research, as mentioned above. If we want to bin it to history, and shift to holism, we should study the forces which keep it alive.

These are not logical but political and psychological. . First political. It suits those in authority (politicians, priests, bosses, doctors etc) to believe in materialism because they can then exploit those under them with impunity. They can send them to war as cannon-fodder and make them suffer as slaves, servants, patients etc while telling themselves that suffering is an illusion because they are really only machines that cannot suffer. People today are more likely to revolt against this.

Belief in materialism also leaves a vacuum into which those in power can inflate their egos by playing God. This wish is illustrated by the image of doctors on pedestals worshipped by their patients, and the quest for artificial intelligence, which is a modern version of the desire to create living dolls, as in the ballet ‘Coppelia.’

To cut the roots of materialism we have to understand its origins. The roots of materialism in the west go back at least to Abraham, the founder of Judaism 4,000 years ago. He had a vision of the Jews as ‘God’s chosen people’ when they were oppressed by the Egyptians. They have suffered ever since for believing this absurd notion. It is said in the Bible that ‘God created man in his own image’, but I believe the converse to be true, namely that man created God in his own image.

The experience of the Jews then as now was domination by an oppressor, which is a fair description of their God, Yahweh. As mentioned above, oppressors and oppressed survive suffering, by pretending that it does not exist. However, the eastern religions of Buddhism and Jainism, both founded out of Hinduism around 2,500 years ago are centred on the practice of non-violence. They therefore have no need of either any external God to make you suffer, or materialism. This is why holism is the prevailing paradigm in the east, and is spreading to the west as a quasi-religious conversion.

Second, psychological. The origins of materialism are deeply buried in west’s collective mind, the conscousness broadcast. Ancient wisdom identifies reality, (existence) as comprising not just one element (matter) but also three others, namely water, air and fire. Although these 4 elements can manifest physically, they are also representations of non-material (subtle, or diatheteous) sources of life force or energy which power the cosmic universe through the quantum field in different ways.

Matter (earth) is the most observable of these. It is therefore not surprising that scientists should study matter first (which arose out of worship) and that science should considers only matter as ‘observable evidence’ of reality. However, the other 3 elements are just as real, and it is time that science matures to give them equal weight in the study of reality. I will consider the significance of each element in turn in accordance with the astrological energies pertaining, which are the subtle (non-material) energies which power the quantum field and which are different archetypes of consciousness.

23 What is the significance of matter?
The bodies of all living creatures are made of ‘earth’. Our body can be regarded as our own personal piece of earth for the duration of our lifetime, until we die and it reverts to ‘dust’ from whence it came. The word ‘matter’ comes from the same latin root ‘mater’ meaning ‘mother’. Human bodies are grown for 9 months in our mothers’ body. All living creatures are ultimately created from earth, symbolised by Gaia, the earth mother. The word also has a meaning of being very important, as in ‘My baby matters to me, more than it does to others’.

The astrological sign for fixed earth is taurus. Bulls and cows are sacred in India, symbolising the mystery and divinity of the continuous creation of living earth by the life force (diathete)

People with earth signs, (taurus, virgo and capricorn), prominent in their horoscopes have the deepest experience of their bodies, so are the most likely to be materialists in belief. Tauruses (fixed earth) are the most likely to be dogmatic, as it reflects their need for certainty and security. They cling to their belief in materialism to avoid their fear of the insecurity of life, and the inevitability of the death of their bodies. Unlike air and fire signs they do not experience their soul as free to fly eternally into the beyond.

24 What is the significance of water?
Our feelings come from the second element. Water is an essential ingredient in the bodies of all living creatures. In humans water comprises over three quarters of our body weight. Masaru Emoto of Japan programmed jars of water with emotional statements (love, hate etc) froze and photographed the resulting ice crystals. Positive emotions produced symmetrical and beautiful patterns, and negative emotions produced non-symmetrical, ugly patterns. He says ‘water has a memory and carries within it our thoughts and prayers (15) This may be the explanation of why homeopathy works. Even though there is not a single molecule of the active ingredient left in the dilution, the water remembers its energy, which is transferred to the water of the patient’s body.

People with water signs (cancer, scorpio, pisces) prominent in their horoscopes may well agree that they feel emotions ‘in their waters’. They can also feel merged with other peoples’ emotions. Water falling on earth as rain has no boundaries, but gets everywhere, wetting it through and through. It is possible to anaesthetise yourself to shut down your emotions and feelings (heart) but thereby you become deadened, as through the heart is the only way to experience life.

25 What is the significance of air?
Air is the medium of communication. Sound waves travel through air, so that we can hear. We can deepen our consciousness and understanding by sharing ideas, beliefs and expressing our experiences. The SMN is a safe place to express abstract ideas, such as materialism, holism, life after death, psychic and paranormal experiences, and consciousness itself.

Communication is the energy of the air signs, gemini, whose ruler is mercury, libra, whose ruler is venus, and aquarius, whose ruler is uranus. It is not accidental that the IT revolution is happening now, because we are in the age of aquarius. This started with the publication of Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man which provoked the American and French revolutions.

26 What is the significance of fire?
Fire is the energy of sex, which initiates life in all living creatures, ie incarnation, which literally means to ‘make flesh’ from latin ‘carne’, meat. All religions have stifled fire energy by conditioning people that sex is sinful, and sanctioned the domination of women by men. This has created perversion, as repressed energy does not go away but finds other outlets.

27 How does astrology work?
Sun, moon and the 5 planets visible to the naked eye, (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) have always been recognised as important, and they are immortalized by the names of the days of the week. (ie Sunday, Moonday,(lundi) Marsday, (mardi) Mercuryday, (mercredi) Jupiterday, (Jeudi) Venusday, ,(vendredi) Saturnday (samedi) (french in brackets, indicating the root, derived from latin)

These, and the other planets since discovered with telescopes, (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) seem to act like radio transmitting stations for the cosmic energy in the quantum field. As with mobile phone masts, reception by living creatures on earth, including humans, depends on their relative position to the earth. For example, we receive less energy from the sun when it is below the horizon, and feel tired and go to sleep.

Furthermore, when two of them are in conjunction and opposition, as sun and moon at new and full moon, their energy is additive, as evidenced by spring tides, and busier than usual accident and emergency departments. The same is true of the other planets.

Astrology has developed empirically over thousands of years by correlating the relative positions of the planets against human behaviour. Prof Richard Tarnas’ book Cosmos and Psyche is the result of 30 years of research. It shows significant correlations with historical events, which prove that humans react to the cosmic energies prevailing, and that when things happened in history is not chance, but according to the cosmic energies prevailing at the time.. He concludes that the universe is ‘enchanted’ which confirms the basis of the holistic theory of consciousness.

28 What is the significance of the horoscope?
The mystical significance of the baby’s first breath is when his soul enters his body. The horoscope (the position of the planets at that moment) is like a sim card in a mobile phone. It makes the phone unique, as does the horoscope. It tunes the receivers in the baby’s cells to the planetary radio stations as they then are, and thus stamps tendencies on the person to follow the architypes accordingly. This explains why we are all unique individuals, and so different from everyone else.

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