by     JOHN KAPP

Paper for the conference of the Scientific and Medical Network ‘Towards a New Renaissance – World Views, Spirituality and the Future’ to be held in Pari, Italy from 12-15th Oct 2007     10.10.07
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1 The problem - the stupidity of man
We, the people of the human race, are both incredibly clever, and incredibly stupid.. We are clever because we can make iphones (combined mobile phone, computer, TV set, ipod) cheap enough for everyone to have one. We are stupid because we are trashing our planet with the following problems: A war, B climate change. We are also trashing ourselves with problem C isolation, and D our healthcare system of drugs which kills both patients and doctors. (1)

We are doubly stupid, because we know we are trashing our life support systems, and yet we keep on trashing them. This is self-sabotage, collective suicide. In this paper, I ask and answer the following 3 questions:





Why are we so stupid that we sabotage our life support systems?

Because we are programmed with the paradigm of materialism and it’s derivative sub-paradigms


What is the solution so that we can stop sabotaging ourselves?

Change the sabotaging programme in our minds with a paradigm shift to holism


Why can’t science answer these questions?

Because they have to be materialists, and are paid to look in the wrong place – the material world. The answer – holism – is in the non-material world.

These questions are not trivial. Ervin Laszlo has pointed out that our civilisation is facing breakdown (2) for the want of solutions to them. If we are going to breakthrough, to save our planet and our civilisation, we have to find the cause of our stupidity, and remove it. Once we understand the cause, we have the choice to stop trashing, and live sustainably. To see why materialism is the cause, we first have to see the dual way that our mind works to influence our behaviour.

2 The dual nature of our mind
We humans have 2 mind systems, (see table 1) the first old unconscious robotic and the second new conscious rational. They the 2 parts of Freud’s iceberg, below and above the water respectively. We also have 2 corresponding brains – first, the billion year old animal brain for the old unconscious robotic part, which looks after our survival as animals.

Second, the new brain, which is only around 100,000 years old, (only 4,000) generations, and 10,000 times younger than the old brain. It is the neocortex, which has exploded in that short time to enable us to think rationally. This is the part that we use when we are being cleverly creative.









Mammilian, reptilian


Nervous system



Age of brain (m. years)



Active state

Fear, Arousal

Calm, de-arousal





Fight or flight, stupid?

Creative - clever?

% of time used







Fast and shallow

Deep and slow

Route of access



The old brain works on paradigms which are belief systems. They work like computer programmes controlling our animal behaviour. In life-threatening situations they kick in automatically with the sole objective of ensuring our survival. When we perceive that we are threatened, they play in our unconscious minds like a video, and we are compelled to copy them instinctively like robots.

3 What is the fear reaction?
When we are fearful, these paradigms kick in. I call this the fear reaction. The sympathetic nervous system operates, and we go into the fight/flight adrenaline reaction so that we take appropriate action to survive the perceived threat. We go into auto-pilot mode. Our eyes glaze over so that we cannot see, and our ears close so that we cannot hear anything other than the fight or flight reaction.

Events that can trigger the fear reaction are getting a parking fine or a speeding summons. These threaten us with punishment, and may provoke a disproportionately angry reaction to fight. After a cancer diagnosis we may not be able to hear another word that the doctor says, because it may threaten death, the greatest fear of all. Our mind is racing with whether to fight, fly, or deny, and the consequences of each.

We have no control over the fear reaction. When it kicks in we shoot first and ask questions afterwards. Fear reactions are rational when viewed as a survival mechanism. However they may afterwards appear stupid if the incident that triggered them was trivial. We use the old brain all the time for our survival, but we can only use the new brain when we are calm. If we are aroused by fear, the adrenaline rush shuts down our new brain and makes it impossible to use it. We cannot think rationally until we have calmed down, and the parasympathetic nervous system has taken over. It has been estimated that we only use our new brain 5% of the time. This may be because it is shut down by our fears most of the time. We have no control over the fear reaction. When it kicks in we shoot first and ask questions afterwards. Fear reactions are rational when viewed as a survival mechanism. However they may afterwards appear stupid if the incident that triggered them was trivial. We use the old brain all the time for our survival, but we can only use the new brain when we are calm. If we are aroused by fear, the adrenaline rush shuts down our new brain and makes it impossible to use it. We cannot think rationally until we have calmed down, and the parasympathetic nervous system has taken over. It has been estimated that we only use our new brain 5% of the time. This may be because it is shut down by our fears most of the time. We have no control over the fear reaction. When it kicks in we shoot first and ask questions afterwards. Fear reactions are rational when viewed as a survival mechanism. However they may afterwards appear stupid if the incident that triggered them was trivial.

We use the old brain all the time for our survival, but we can only use the new brain when we are calm. If we are aroused by fear, the adrenaline rush shuts down our new brain and makes it impossible to use it. We cannot think rationally until we have calmed down, and the parasympathetic nervous system has taken over. It has been estimated that we only use our new brain 5% of the time. This may be because it is shut down by our fears most of the time.

An example of the fear reaction is the pub brawl. Joe insults Jim whose hackles rise, and it is escalating into a fight. Adrenalin is activating their sympathetic nervous systems. The publican, (a big bruiser who used to be a boxer) orders them to take 3 deep breaths. There are 2 possible outcomes of this intervention, breakdown or breakthrough.
a)   Breakdown. They take no notice. A fight starts, everybody joins in, the pub is trashed and people are hurt. In USA guns may be used and people killed.
b)   Breakthrough. They take 3 deep breaths which activates their para-sympathetic nervous system. This calms them down, and allows their new brain to function so that they behave rationally, and peace is restored.

4 Why do we sometimes act stupidly?
If and when somebody pushes our buttons and we perceive a threat, we have no choice but to feel fear. This triggers a feeling of being threatened and we go into the above fear reaction. We then express anger, and may become violent.(eg road rage, domestic violence)

This is not an appropriate response to a trivial incident, but the adrenaline blinds us to what we are saying or doing. Afterwards, we cannot even remember what we said or did, because the adrenaline blots it out of our conscious memory.

5 Why is materialism the cause of our stupidity?
Materialism, together with its sub-paradigms derived from it, are the source of our fears, which causes us to go into the fear reaction (like the pub brawl) when threatened. There are many good books about the problems of materialism, (3,4,5,)

We are all materialists deep down, because we are all dependent for our survival on materials (food, water, fuel, shelter etc). The paradigm of materialism is programmed into our system. Taking each of the 4 above mentioned problems in turn, I will explain the rationality of our apparently stupid actions in terms of our fear reaction to our perceived threat to our survival.

6 Why is materialism the cause of problem A war?
In the run up to 2003, George Bush (Joe) was picking a fight with Saddam Hussein (Jim) because he knows that Saddam has oil. He coverts that because, having run Texas dry, he fears that USA’s oil supplies and lifestyle are threatened. In 2003 he goes into the fear reaction, which shuts down his new brain and rational thinking. He is now in full fight/flight adrenalin rush, and is blind to everything except USA’s survival, so no holds are barred and anything goes.

To justify attacking them he projects weapons of mass destruction on to Iraq, which were not there, but were in the USA. He drops 1800 tons of them on Iraq, (which was disproportionate, being 14,000 times more dirty uranium than Roosevelt dropped on Hiroshima), thereby killing a million Iraqis and poisoning their environment (6).

To justify his action he says that he got rid of a dictator, (which is true) and that he is bringing democracy (which is not true). The Iraqis might reply that before the invasion, their dictator presided over systems of government that worked, whereas now they have few systems that work, and that George Bush has put back the progress of Iraq’s survivors to democracy by decades.

7 Why is materialism the cause of problem B climate change?
Materialism makes us want more, which is the underlying cause of consumerism. (a sub-paradigm of materialism) However much we have, we are never content. It is a compulsive, obsessive desire, over which we have no control. This is caused by an unconscious fear of our luck changing, and we suddenly becoming destitute and starving.

These traumas happened to our ancestors many times before, and is in our collective unconscious memory. Shakespeare’s plays show how peoples’ fortunes can go up and down suddenly, rags to riches and back again. Like the elephant, we never forget, but we cannot recall these past traumas, because they were so painful that we repressed them. Nevertheless, they play like videos in our unconscious mind and affect our behaviour when we feel threatened.

This happens when we see pictures on the TV of people made homeless, destitute and starving. This pushes our buttons, and triggers the fear reaction in us. It switches off our new brain, and rational thinking behaviour. We then work like crazy to earn money and acquire possessions that we don’t need because we are already millionaires. The probability of becoming destitute and starving is remote.

The rationality for this acquisitive behaviour is to prepare us for the terrorist attack that we fear because George Bush keeps telling us it is coming. When the terrorists have taken over and enslaved us, we may be able to barter these possessions for food which will keep us alive. It is the fear of enslavement which makes us irrationally acquisitive.

If we were Iraqis, this would not be an irrational fear. It has actually happened to us, and we are living with the consequences. We in the west pick up these fears telepathically from Iraq, Burma etc, and they make us even more fearful. They cause our compulsive, obsessional demand for consumer goods, resulting in China building 2 new coal fired power stations each week, contributing to climate change.

8 Why is materialism the cause of problem C isolation?
To assuage the traumas of 2 world wars, 60 years ago politicians created the ‘Welfare State’, which promised that the State would take care of everyone from the cradle to the grave. New homes were built and the average household size fell from around 10 to 2. This let families off the hook of having to care for their elderly relatives, and destroyed the age-old family support system.

The materialist state can provide for peoples’ material needs, but it cannot provide for their non-material needs, such as love. After 60 years, this has left many people feeling unloved, islolated and fearful about a lonely old age. The fear reaction kicks in and makes them angry, which they repress, so it expresses in their body as dis-ease.

9 Why is materialism the cause of problem D health?
In the media we are constantly bombarded with threats to our health, such as hearing about someone who has a brain tumour. When we get a headache it may trigger the fear reaction that we too have a brain tumour. We live alone, so there is nobody (like grandparents) to tell us not to worry.

We go to the doctor in an anxious, adrenaline hyped state, and he puts us on drugs. These make us worse, and we get increasingly worried about our health. The result is that a third of the population, (17 million in UK) suffer from a chronic condition and are on permanent medication, making them unwitting drug addicts. Iatrogenesis (doctor-induced illness) has now become the leading cause of death in USA, with 800,000 killed each year, 100,000 more than heart disease. (1)

The healthcare system cannot cope. The stress on doctors is killing them too, causing them to have a decade less expectation of life. 1 in 20 of healthcare staff are off work with stress. Conventional medicine’s belief in materialism, and its sub-paradigms of reductionism (everything can be reduced to the sum of its parts) and mechanism (people are machines) means that only the body can be treated with surgery (cutting) radiation (burning) or drugs (poisoning) The cause of disease (fear) is not addressed, , because it is not in the body, but in the mind, so people get worse.

Materialism is maintained because it gives those of us who are leaders (politicians, doctors) to indulge in an ego trip and play God. Those of us who are followers tend to go along with this because it lets them off the hook of taking responsibility for their own actions. They can blame the leaders for their condition and play the victim. This issue is developed in a paper ‘Solving the problem of unsafe drugs by integrating complementary into conventional medicine’ (8) The way in which the paradigms are causing these problems is summarised in table 2 below.



Paradigm or 'sub-paradigm'




That I or we (group) - family, tribe, community, nation, ideology, species etc, have to survive at any cost



Matter (my body, or our bodies) is the only reality that matters, and non-material influences (like feelings, soul, spirit,) do not matter when our survival is threatened

A war


I/we have to destroy others before they destroy me/us.

B climate


I/we have to have more goods to survive destitution and starvation

C isolation


The State can look after me from cradle to grave

C health

'reductionism' 'mechanism'

My body can be reduced to just the sum of its parts People are just bodies, which are really machines. Only interventions on the body can work, like drugs, radiotherapy, surgery

10 What is the solution to these problems?
I have shown above that the cause of all 4 problems (war, climate change, isolationism and crisis in healthcare) is materialism. The solution is to change the paradigm (the programme with which we have been conditioned) to holism.

11 What is holism?
Materialism is a belief in our minds that we are nothing more than our bodies, like tinmen, The holistic view of people is that we are material bodies with non-material minds and souls. We are more like computers than tinmen. The body is the hardware, the mind is the software, with which we are programmed, the soul is the operator watching the screen and operating the controls and the spirit is the internet, through which we are all connected telepathically.

Materialism is just a belief with which we have been conditioned, in the logical, left side of our brains. Like any berlief, it can be doubted and changed. Holism is an experience in our heart, the right, intuitive side of our brain. When we have experienced the feeling of being more than our body and our mind, and can see ourselves (our soul) as separate, we know the truth of holism, which is not subject to doubt.

All children are naturally holistic from birth, but gradually become materialistic in their education. Women, through their time with children are more holistic than men, because their hearts are more open. Those whose hearts are closed do not need to fight the left brain; but just recognise that it is only half of them, the yang side, and nurture their female, yin side. Everybody needs both sides of their brain to be balanced.

Our body is like a goldfish bowl in which about 100 trillion cells are swimming in about 10 gallons of water. Every cell is intelligent and has a mobile phone (like an iphone, being also a camera, computer, memory bank, TV receiver) with which it receives broadcasts of the life force from the cosmos, via the planets, which are like mobile phone masts. Each cell receives instructions on what to do when. This is described further in ‘A holistic theory of consciousness’ (8)

12 How can holism be learned?
Thousands of years ago, the mystics spotted the stupidity of dog eat dog materialism, and found the solution - meditation. The only person we can change is ourselves. Around 7,000 years ago Patanjali wrote a textbook on yoga, one of the 8 limbs of which is meditation. Around 2,500 years ago Buddha promoted vipassana, which is watching the breath, now accepted in USA and UK as minfulness meditation.

To change our robotic behaviour we have to break the spells of our limiting beliefs, and reprogramme our software. To do so we have to change our state of consciousness to a liminal, or subliminal state. This can be done in relaxation, through hypnosis, or through meditation, which is really de-hypnosis. There are many courses available, and many studies showing the health benefits. (9 )

13 Why has science not solved these problems?
The only way to solve problems is to find the cause and eliminate it. Despite huge investment in scientific research for decades, science has not even explained the causes of these problems. , let alone found solutions. This paper shows that all these problems are caused by the paradigm of materialism. Why couldn’t scientists find it?

The scientific world is so materialistic that to get publicly funded posts and grants, you have to be a materialist. This puts a straitjacket on every scientist and manager, which is reinforced and policed by materialistic peer review of their work.

No solution can be found because scientists are funded to look in the wrong place – the objective world. Researchers are trapped in a revolving door with an entrance but no exit. They can get in, go round and round, but they are prohibited from passing through the iron curtain to the other side of holism. This is the subjective, inside world of higher self or soul, where our consciousness resides, where scientists are not allowed to look or believe in. Holism is where the answers all lie waiting, as described above.

The solution is to remove this prohibition by reallocating public positions and funds to doves (holists) rather than hawks (materialists) which will empower a great leap forward in science.

14 Conclusions
Materialism is the cause of the world’s problems (war, climate change, isolationism, and the crisis in healthcare) A paradigm shift to holism is the solution. This can be affected only by each individual becoming more meditative, changing themselves from a hawk to a dove.

This has already happened to many thinking people, particularly women. The personal development movement promotes this, and it is rapidly gaining momentum in business. However, it has not yet become politically correct, so is covert, not overt.

As Ervin Laszlo says , we are at a tipping point. A few opinion formers can tip the balance, and the movement will acquire critical mass to enable breakthrough, and the saving of our life support systems. Politicians, particularly those in opposition, will see an advantage in adopting holistic policies, and can thereby win the next election.

15 Recommendations to promote a paradigm shift
a) Promulgate that the cause of the world’s problems is the limiting belief of materialism, particularly the divine right of political and religious leaders and doctors to play God.
b) Promote the understanding of why materialism is the cause- unconscious programming from our conditioning, which we can change.
c) Promote the antidote to materialism – holism. This will be pushing on an open door, as the majority of the thinking public already accept holism and want more of it.
d) In countries where fundamentalist religious ideologies dominate, (such as USA and Arabia) disabuse the public of the idea that political and religious leaders have divine rights to play God.
e) Allocate posts and grant funding to holist ‘doves’ rather than materialist ‘hawks’. This will enlist public servants and scientists in the paradigm shift, and empower a great leap forward in public services and in science.
f) Make places on all appointment boards, grant awarding committees and peer review panels for lay members, who tend to be more holistic than professionals
g) Recognise that enemy ideologies just reflect back to us the shadow side of our own ideology. This will help solve the problem of the arms race.
h) Promote the integration of the best of complementary therapy into conventional medicine (as the Prince of Wales advocates) as a marriage. This will double the number of practitioners, and help solve the crisis in healthcare.
i) Promote active group meditation courses. This will help people to see that they need less and improve their health, helping to solve the problems of healthcare, consumerism and isolationism.
j) Promote the idea that the responsibility for the welfare and care of its members from cradle to grave lies primarily with the family; and that the state renounces general responsibility, and will only provide it in exceptional circumstances, when family support has failed. This will help solve the problem of isolationism.
k) Devolve power from the centre to the periphery, on the principle of subsidiarity, as localism is more holistic
l) Create another religious category called ‘holism’ for use on all public sector forms, particularly the British census in 2011, which will raise its profile as the religion for the 21st century.

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