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This website addresses the most important questions for the survival of our civilisation:

Q1 Why are we trashing the planet and ourselves with weapons of mass destruction and climate change? .
A1 Because we are all programmed with the paradigm of materialism for our survival. Fear of shortages causes adrenalin which switch off our neocortex and our ability to think rationally, so we shoot first and ask questions afterwards.

Q2 What is the solution?
A2 Recognise this fear reaction, take 3 deep breaths, calm down, and look before you leap. Practice meditation. Promote a paradigm shift from materialism to holism.

Reginald’s books (Science v.Materialism 1940, Mind, Life and Body 1951, and Facts and Faith 1955) are a scientific exploration of non-material reality, for which he coined the word ‘diathete’, to create a new science of ‘diathetics’.

John’s papers (see section 9) build on his father’s foundations, but are also influenced by his mother who was a doctor. They describe the disastrous effect that materialism and reductionism has had on conventional medicine, and how a paradigm shift to holism can heal doctors and society. He acknowledges the contribution of his sister, Dr Elinor Kapp.

Holism sees reality as comprising both matter and diathetes. The body is the hardware, the mind is the software, the soul is the operator, and the spirit is the internet. You are neither your body nor your mind, but your soul which is eternal. You do not have to fear death, so can stop worrying about material shortages and live sustainably in the moment.

1.1 Biography ... 1.2 Why Republish?

2.1 The Philosophy ... 2.2 Science vs Materialism ... 2.3 Mind Life and Body ... 2.4 Towards a Unified Cosmology ... 2.5 Facts and Faith

7.1 Living and Lifeless Machines... 7.2 Observer, Interpreter and Object... 7.3 Hypothesis of Origin and Disappearance of Matter... 7.4 Ockham's Razor... 7.5 Space... 7.6 Letter to Arthur Koestler


5.1 Monism and Dualism ... 5.2 Is There a Cosmic Statute Book? ... 5.3 A Dualistic Philosophy ... 5.4 Methodology of Physics


Reviews: 8.1 H. H. Price... 8.2 Arthur Koestler... 8.3 C.W. Kilminster... 8.4 H.D. Turner...
Articles: 8.5 R. Cretchley... 8.6 D. Tompsett...
Alternative view: 8.7 G Mees

9.1 Re-educating Doctors about Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
9.2 The Evidence Base for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and a Theory of How it Works (Energy Medicine)
9.3 The Evidence Base for Osho Meditations
9.4 Better Planned Deaths at Home
9.5 Information on Complementary Therapy
9.6 Can Physicians Heal Themselves?
9.7 Comments on ‘Allowing a Natural Death (Adults) do not Attempt Rescusitation ‘(DNAR) Policy
9.8 Paradigm Shift From Materialism to Holism: Enabling Integration of Complementary Therapy into the NHS
9.9 Proposal for a Research Trial of ‘New Talking Therapies’ (Active Meditation and Family Constellation) v.Control ( Anti-depressants or no Treatment)
9.10 Benefits to Patients of the Holistic View
9.11 Discovery of the Cause and Cure for My Arthritis
9.12 Appendix: The Astrological Correlations for My Breakdowns
9.13 Regulation of the NHS
9.14 PCT Policy on Complementary Therapy Draft
9.15 Osho Meditation Therapies
9.16 A Holistic (Non-emergentTheory of Consciousness
9.17 The Roots of Love - a Guide to Family Constellation: Understanding the Ties that Bind us and the Path to Freedom – Book Review
9.18 Solving the Problem of Unsafe Drugs by Integration of Complementary into Conventional Medicine
9.19 Saving the Planet by Promoting a Paradigm Shift from Materialism to Holism
9.20 Commission Complementary Therapies
9.21 Prevention of Illness and Promotion of Wellness
9.22 The Evidence Base for Astrology
9.23 NHS Diamond Jubilee - Three cheers or two minutes silence?
9.24 Reducing the Numbers Dying in Hospital (Bedblocking)
9.25 Draft Constitution for LINk
9.26 Reviews of 'Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial'
9.27 Cathartic Meditation as Prevention and Therapy
9.28 Improving Health by Ending the Prozac Nation
9.29 Conference report: The Healing Intention
9.30 Report: Relational Heart Disease Conference
9.31 Conference report: The Body and Beyond
9.32 Working with Soul in Illness and Health
9.33 Conference report: Into this breathing world
9.34 NHS Physician Heal Thyself with Meditation
9.35 History Explained by Astrology
9.36 How Does Astrology Work?
9.37 Creating User-Centred Services
9.38 Integration of CAM into the NHS
9.39 Proposal for Free CAM on the NHS
9.40 Why did the Minoan Matriarchal Culture End?
9.41 Proposed Trial of the Enhanced Sandwich MBCT Course
9.42 Proposal for a Clinical Research Trial of Astrology
9.43 Free CAM on the NHS - Report to Council
9.44 Where is the Evidence? Public funding of Conventional and Complementary Therapy
9.45 Removing obstacles to the integration of CAM
9.46 Correcting Misleading Information on CAM
9.47 Better Planned and Managed Deaths at Home
9.48 Meeting with NHS Commissioners - 11.3.10
9.49 Prevention and Health Inequalities.
9.50 Letter to GPs and £50 Voucher
9.51 Improving Health by Intelligent Commissioning of NICE-recommended Complementary Therapy
9.52 The Way Ahead for Links and Healthwatch
9.53 The Buteyko Method of Slower Breathing for Better Health
9.54 Transforming Mental Health Services by the Mass-Provision of the MBCT Course
9.55 Pre-history Explained by Astrology
9.56 Can Mental Sickness be prevented, healed and cured?
9.57 Campaign for action from Health and Wellbeing Board
9.58 How can UK meet its Carbon Reduction Targets?
9.59 Curing the NHS crisis with Meditation - Audio recording
9.60 Curing the NHS and Depressed Patients by Mass-Commissioning the Mindfulness Course
9.61 Curing the NHS by removing the Glass Wall (silo) between Patient and Public Involvement Rhetoric and Practice in Research
9.62 Petition: Improving mental health with mindfulness
9.63 Report on LIFT Psychology Swindon: Creating a patient centred mental health service 'Swindon fashion'
9.64 Solving the crisis in general practice and A&E by co-creating a mindful primary care mental health service in the community
9.65 The NHS Enigma – Denial of its Sickness and Refusal to Take its Medicine of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)
9.66 NHS Denial 'Crisis what Crisis?'
9.67 Curing the failing mental health service by commissioning more talking therapies (IAPT)
9.68 General brochure for commissioners
9.69 Open Letter to Chris Grayling MP
9.70 Healthiest City in England
9.71 Catch 22 - Ending the Prozac Nation
9.72 Social Commissioning of 10 Week Mindfulness Meditation Courses from SECTCo
9.73 SETCo GP letter Prescribing Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Courses
9.74 From death by medication to wellbeing by mindfulness meditation
9.75 Deputation to HWB 11.6.14 - End the Prozac nation by referring back to the CCG’s 2 year operating plan
9.76 47 Meditation Centres for Heartsink Patients for half the drugs budget
9.77 Sharp cuts leave NHS mental health services unable to cope, say GPs
9.78 How the Wellbeing Strategy should cure the primary care crisis by acknowledging the elephant in the room (medication) by allowing GPs to prescribe mindfulness meditation courses.
9.79 Transform Rachel and Dave’s lives by accepting SECTCo’s bid dated 19.9.14 for the Better Care Fund application.
9.80 Call for Public Inquiry into failure by the NHS to provide depressed patients with their statutory rights to talking therapy.
9.81 Proposal for a licencing system to procure NICE recommended Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) courses for depressed patients on GP referral by voucher prescription
9.82 Press release 10.12.14 Can we save toxic general practice by ending the Prozac city? Medication to meditation
9.83 Draft GP survey into whether being able to prescribe mindfulness courses as easily as Prozac would delay GPs early retirement?
9.84 Business plan for SECTCo – Medication to meditation to cure the toxic NHS
9.85 Cure mental sickness by mass-commissioning mindfulness courses
9.86 Questions to Aid the Redesign of Mental Health Service Contract Provision to Meet the New Access Standards from 1.4.15
9.87 Clearing the air - Draft minutes of a meeting between SECTCo and CCG 24.3.15
9.88 The business case for 8,000 Community Care Centres in England (40 in the city) to meet the new mental health access standards 7.4.15
9.89 Complaints against Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group for Non Compliance with Better Care Fund and New Access Standards for Talking Therapy 17.4.15
9.90 Ending the Prozac Nation by Allowing Teachers to teach MBCT courses on GP referral 30.4.15
9.91 MBCT Course Text Book vol 1 23.5.15
9.92 Proactive (Patient Led) Local Health Service to Transform Primary Care 31.5.15
9.93 Draft Notes of a Meeting with Daniel Yates: Curing the Crisis in Primary Care by Tendering to Mass Provide 25,000 MBCT Courses for £10 Million Better Care Fund 15.6.15
9.94 Relax Clause B4 to allow MBCT to be the ‘Better Care’ in the Better Care Fund 21.6.15
9.95 How the £10 million Better Care Fund should be spent next year on the 10,000 vulnerable ‘Rachels and Daves’ 20.7.15
9.96 Call for Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group to be put into special measures regarding Childrens Mental Health Transformation Plan etc. 6.8.15
9.97 Differences between SECTCo and CCG – building bridges to create a patient centred NHS in accordance with the law.
9.98 Bringing the CCG to heal with mindful compassion
9.99 Fixing primary care by co-commissioning mental health services with patients and communities overseen by the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB)
9.100 How can the HWB lead the way out of the crisis in primary care?
9.101 Could the crisis in primary care be solved by the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) taking responsibility for spending the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) budget of £1 million per day?
9.102 How the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) could end rough sleeping by 2020 for 2% of CCG budget
9.103 Turn drug dealers into missionaries. Business case for the LCS allocation of £2.3 mpa on MBCT courses
9.105 How the modern epidemic of mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain from drugs taken to treat it, and what to do about it
9.106 Specification for interventions under the Wellbeing Service 17/22 to end the need for rough sleeping by 2020
9.107 Press release: I blame local councillors for the crisis in the NHS, but they have the power to cure it, and end the strike
9.108 Could psi effects and astrology be caused by an ‘A’ field?
9.109 Manifesto ‘Medication to Meditation’ to Cure the NHS
9.110 Medically Unexplained Symptoms: Reflections on the Tavistock and Portman Trust conference on 21.10.16
9.111 Way forward for NHS: Trojan mouse ‘medication to meditation’ confirmed at recent NHS conferences
9.112 New licencing system to double the number of treatments for depressed patients by 2020
9.113 Integrating BML2 with Brighton Crossrail
9.114 Vanguard Manifesto
9.115 Vanguard manifesto to end the need for rough sleeping by 2020
9.116 Business case for a pilot trial Community Care Centre at 187b Portland Rd Hove.
9.117 Business case for a pilot trial Community Care Centre at 86, Church Rd Hove
9.118 Saving the Toxic NHS by Waking up Dead Doctors and Councilors
9.119 Business case for Brighton Vanguard scheme
9.120 ‘Have you got blood on your hands’ and other questions for councillors on HWBs, and leaders of CCGs to answer
9.121 Paper for Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) meeting 12.9.17
9.122 How life works SMNKrakow 9.9.17
9.123 Why nobody wants to be a GP
9.124 Proposal for Clinical Trial of FCGT
9.125 How General Practice can be restored to an honourable profession
9.126 Brexit v dogma of EUism
9.127 Using the Open Dialogue approach to solve the crises in primary care and rough sleeping
9.128 Review of 'Your Resonant Self'
9.129 Who is killing the NHS
9.130 Stop poisoning patients with antidepressants
9.131 Proposal for a pilot trial of Alpha-Stim for better mental health
9.132 'Inflamed Mind' Review
9.133 Offer of subsidised NICE-recommended Mindfulness Plus courses to patients and staff of GP surgeries in Hove by SECTCo
9.134 Review of ‘Too many pills. How too much medicine is endangering our health, and what we can do about it.’
9.135 Jupiter revealed
9.136 Proposal for a pilot Community Care Centre on the first floor of 191 Portland Road Hove to end the Prozac city
9.137 How Councillors can End the Prozac City
9.138 The Brain is a Filter for Consciousness
9.139 How talking therapists can take back control to end the Prozac nation, by co-creating a new primary care mental health service
9.140 Prospectus for a CAmpaign for Social Prescribing Of Talking Therapies (CASPOTT)
9.141 Specification for social prescribing scheme
9.142 The i360 sundial project
9.143 Paper for HWB Antidepressant solution - social presciptions

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